Tuesday, September 14

Dream A Little Dream

Sure, we all dream of the day we sell.

A couple of us have talked about the way we go into a bookstore and rearrange the books as if our book was there too.

I bet more than a few of us have scribbled our name across a piece of paper or two, fantasizing what it would be like to autograph our book. I guess Christi, and our guest blogger Liz, knows what that feels like. Awesome, I bet.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to know how Nora, Sandra or Tami feels walking into a RWA conference, turning every head in the room? Wouldn't it be something to know that people eagerly awaited your next release?

But beyond all that, what do you dream of accomplishing with your writing? We all know that unless you become one of the aforementioned girls, you're not going to make a mint at this job.

But what if you did? What if you did become the next Nora or Sandra? What would you do? As you all know, I had the good fortune to see Linda Howard and she told me that her writing accomplishments allow her to build houses.

Not my dream. But then, my husband is a custom builder...

My dream is to have my own cattle. All my life, I've wished for a cattle ranch of my own. I'm lucky enough to live on a farm with horses and my Aussies, but I long for cattle. Black Angus. Lots of them.
And cowhands.
Sexy cowboys in boots and chaps....
Or, nearly as good, a few girlfriends who like nice horses, working dogs and a tall one at the end of the day, like my friend Kelley pictured here.
What do you dream of after you sell?


  1. Hey D'Ann

    My dream is really an intangible one - I want to make readers find out more about my world, in a way that also delivers a nice and fuzzy, escapist moment type of read. That's basically my goal!

    After making it big - I dunno really. Maybe to be able to travel a bit, take my children to places that will make their eyes open wide with wonder. Or indulge my shopaholic, shoe-holic and handbag-holic bend! :)

    I write more for pleasure and to share this pleasure with the reading world...


  2. Like with everything else, my dreams change with where I'm at with writing. Mostly I think I'm old enough and tired enough that I'd just like for at least SOME of it not to be such a struggle.

    Now, there's a dream for you!

  3. A writer/spiritual retreat in the jungle of Akumal, Mexico.

  4. Hi D'Ann!

    Hmm...good question. I guess if I made tons of money through my writing, I'd buy a flat in London and travel. But I'd also set up a charitable foundation that funded a variety of causes. I believe it's very bad karma if you don't give something back.

  5. My writing dream is to buy the farm, renovate the house and write while looking out the living room window. I own half of it. My brother owns the other. I want to live and write there. The house is falling down and the money (?) I'd make writing would make it habitable. The forest is behind it and the dogs and I could explore while I dream up the next book.

  6. My writing dream is to buy the farm, renovate the house and write while looking out the living room window. I own half of it. My brother owns the other. I want to live and write there. The house is falling down and the money (?) I'd make writing would make it habitable. The forest is behind it and the dogs and I could explore while I dream up the next book.

  7. To enjoy the rest of my life, see the USA and enjoy conversing with my fans and give back to God and to do good for others.

    As you get older you see the need of all of this. To live comfortably, and to help others in some way.

    But my dream is to bring the euphoria of mind that love, family, country are all still important in life. And to know I brought a little into my readers mind is the real pay off.

  8. For me, it isn't about the money. I want to give people happiness, a little escape from their day for a few hours. And know that I've left a mark on the world.

  9. Top of my list, Matt Lauer.

    For the past five years I've planned to go to Europe for a fiftieth birthday which is in 2012--providing the world doesn't end--so I'd like to take my girls and enjoy the experience without checking my bank balance.

    That'd be nice and while I'm there I'd plot my next book. Bix Overseas.

  10. Since I knew I won't be getting rich writng, I've never allowed myself to dream big. Disappointment and I don't go well together.

    But, I want to be comfortable. I doodle my name to look at my autograph, but that's about it.

    When I picture myself published, I'm interacting with readers. Telling them of the worlds I've created and why I created them. Listening to those readers tell me YES, they got it, understood it, loved it.

    I imagine nothing compares to that.

  11. Good question and great post! I am so content in my life right now-it's not "things" that I want, (other than to travel more)but, the other thing that you mentioned-to have readers waiting for my next release. To share stories that will excite, intrigue and hopefully let readers view life a tad differently.

  12. If I did really well, I'd build a sun-room full of tropicals and at least one waterfall as my writing haven.

  13. I'd probably get a maid and a cook first, so I would stop loving in a dirty house eating Lean Cuisine because I spend all my time writing instead of taking care of my house :). Then I'd love to do something that helps others get into writing, like creating writing classes or programs to help, maybe make scholarships avaliable so that other's can find a way to live their dream like I have.

  14. Great question (and answers, everyone)!!

    *If* I become the best thing since Nora/Sandra/Linda/etc. I have plans.

    First, I want readers to escape the mundane bits of their lives (because, really, is that why we all read?!?) and have a little fun. Forget about the job-from-hell or whatever and have a few hours of pleasure. (Actually, I want this one whether I'm a midlist or best-seller)

    Second, the DH and I have always wanted to set up a foundation/scholarship fund for foster children.

    Third, and for pure selfishness' sake, I'd buy an RV and wander around the country with the fam, writing and playing and writing and playing.

  15. My dream is to see something I've written in print. Mostly to prove to myself that I CAN do it. If I'm every fortunate enough to actually made good money at this, I'd like to quit the day job, buy a place with land so the kids (and someday grandkids) can ride quads and dirt bikes and buy my hubby a new fishing boat. And lots and lots of books.

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  17. Love this question.
    Let's see. I would like to purchase bigger property so I could buy a couple more horse. I love the two I have, but I have room in my heart for more, lol.
    I don't care about becoming the next huge sensation, but I would love readers to read my stories and fall in love with my characters. That is what I wish for.

  18. As a pubbed author who has yet make it big, I'd like to eventually earn enough to quit the day job, and maybe be able to afford some of the luxuries like health insurance, getting my family to the dentist for cleanings, and really, if I ever get wildly successful, I'd like to buy a Jeep.

    And for the record, signing your books is a real trip. :) So is hearing back from readers about how much they liked your book. I'm pretty sure neither of those gets old, no matter how "big" the author is.

    Oh, and speaking of big, it'd be really cool if I could afford a Bowflex...

  19. Oh, D'Ann, you are asking me to devolve in the one thing I TRY not to do--Dream about the day when... I'm afraid I'll somehow jinx it if I dream that I could have a bestselling novel or two. Or even be published in the first place.

    I admit I never go into a store and not head for the book section. And not always to buy a book. I fantasize about the day my books are right there beside Linda Lael Miller's, Diana Palmer's and Joan Johnston's.

    I daydream about walking into my next high school reunion and every head turning to look at me. I wonder what it would be like to see the expressions on the faces of the bullies who ridiculed me because I was in special education for my learning disability and dyslexia when I tell them my latest book is at the top of the New York Times bestselling list..."Not too shabby for a retard, huh?"

    I know, I know, vengefulness is never pretty, but for me that dream right there is as tied up with what motivates me as much as anything.

    But I really don't care to be the next Nora--Oh, it would be nice, but I'm realistic enough to know it won't happen.

    I'd be just as thrilled to have an e-book out. Either way is more than I’ve ever truly thought possible.

  20. I want someone to be able to walk into the store and go oh wow there is her book. I know her, she did it how neat.
    Then when I go to write a book I can travel for business doing research.
    You can only research so much online nothing like the real thing to get the atmosphere.

  21. Um, I guess I dream to be able to be me. If that makes any sense. I want to be able to tell my stories without feeling like the Grinch that stole Christmas. :)


  22. If I didn't scribble out books, I would love to be the CEO of a huge mega millons company of some kind. I would be held in awe, the hallways clear and the conversation hushes when I walk out of my private suite[office]. Nothing but fab looking guys work for me. No messing around, they earn their pay. I use that system to keep down the flirting time if I hired females. Well, after hours which are normally 12 hours a day, I limo home to my ten room apartment on Park Avenue and settle in to have a light dinner and a bit of wine. Then, I cap my evening off with a new book by Betty Womack!!! hahahaha...I love that.

  23. Hi, everyone!
    I thank you so much for coming by, one and all. I should comment individually on each of your dreams, but the day got away. However, I will say that each one is so great that I wish I'd thought of them myself. And, JC, you are free to be you...that's why I liked you almost instantly. Don't change, doll.

  24. i'd build a log cabin at the top of the hill, and build a cat sanctuary....=)
    i've never dreamed of autographs or meeting crowds of people....i've always wanted to be anonymous...
    oh, and i'd quit at least one of my day jobs.

  25. I dream for my daughter to sell. She's showing to have the same writing bug as I do as well as her musical and artistic sketching bug.