Friday, September 24

The Move

So, a month ago, I bought a new computer. I still don't have it hooked up yet.

Ok, technically it's plugged in, but outside of setting up my Blackberry files and Firefox, I haven't gotten all my "old goodies" transferred across.

Mainly, because I can't stop writing. Which is, as Martha Stewart says, a good thing.

Every night, I transfer my files to the external drive, then turn on the new computer and transfer them on to there. Then while they are uploading I make sure all my graphic/music/website files are ready to go. Since those take an hour to upload, I have to find something to do while I'm waiting.

So, I write.

Which creates a new file, which has to be ....are you seeing where I'm going? Chicken and the egg. Dog chasing after his tail.

But, the long wait is coming to an end. First, because I ran out of hard drive space. It seems I've scanned in SO many photos I've actually filled my hard drive to the point it quit working. Eek.

The choice has been made for me. Get off thine ass and get your stuff transferred to the new computer. Or else. This weekend is set aside for loading software, updating old programs, deleting ones I don't use anymore. Sounds like fun, no? No. But it's time to move onward.

My word count might be low over the next few days, and I may temporarily disappear as I move across, but when I get finished I'll be even FASTER than ever before. Live in fear!

Up Up and AWAY!!!!


(who just realized that with this post she's made yet ANOTHER document that needs to be saved, transferred and uploaded)


  1. What a hoot. I have a new computer, too, and haven't been able to figure any of it out. By the time I get around to taking it to Staples and saying, "Hey, how does it work?" it'll be out of warranty!

    But I have faith in you, Carrie!

  2. I'll get there Liz....just burning the photo DVD at the moment, and then look out world...zzzzzzzzzzoom! =)

  3. Funny how the computer age was supposed to simplify things, but if you think about it, if we still typed out our pages on a typewriter and kept our pictures in a photo album, you would've had plenty of time for a mani/pedi and maybe a game of Twister.

  4. As I read your post I can glance over at my brand new Dell computer and external hard drive, still in the boxes, because I won't let my husband hook them up for fear I will lose my WIP or worse, that my data clip won't work in the new machine, and my WIP which I have been revising for 5 months for Harlequin Medical Romance, will be lost forever. It's irrational, I know. But I can't help it.

  5. How on earth can you purchase something and not use it immediately? When I go shopping, whether it is lipstick or shoes or tops or books or food or, yes a computer, I am overwhelmed with the need to immediately 'own' it - in other words - wear it/eat it/use it. Your self control is astounding.

  6. Jen, if photos stayed in a photo album, I would have had 3 extra weeks worth of time to myself! augh! not to mention twister!

  7. Wendy...I can't afford to lose the WIP's, the websites, the photographs etc. I keep muscling them over bit by bit, and then some big project comes along and biff.....
    THIS weekend, I'll do it i swear! I'm currently running two at the same time!

  8. Christi...I seriously could not get to it. The photo album, the websites, the writing. But I'll get there...I have most of my software installed on it, once it gets Office, I'm good to go! close close close!