Tuesday, September 28

Off the Pages...

Do you believe in romance?
The possibility of true love, the kind we write about?
You know, the one where soul mates are meant to be together, but have to go through a lot of hard times to be together?
I started reading romances in about the 6th grade.
And I believed in the power of love. One handsome man and one beautiful lady together in spite of all the obstacles thrown their way.
My parents have been married about 48 years, and they are still as in love as when they met. Both my sister and I are closing in on 30 years of marriage. But neither of us would fit into the molds of one of my books.
And people tell tell me all the time my books are just fantasies, nothing like them could ever happen in real life.
Meet my friend, Kelley. She's been through a lot in her life. Including the loss of her three yr old daughter, Kaylyn, in a terrible accident. Men haven't always treated her right.
But this last summer she married Luke. He's everything I imagined for her. He's tall, dark and handsome. Funny and kind. He loves her boys; they like him. Luke enjoys the things Kelley does--horses, camping and herding cattle. They are perfect together.
He's a real life hero who could have stepped off the pages of one of my books. And in Luke and Kelley, I've seen a romance bloom that is as good as anything I could write.
And that makes me happy.
Could your love step off the pages of a romance novel?


  1. Yes, I believe in those kind of romances, but not for everyone. I know I've known people who will never have it because they can't or won't bring to the table some crucial factor, like an acceptance of the other's faults. But I also know a couple who've been married nearly 60 years and still adore each other. Well, okay, there was that rough patch when he wouldn't get a hearing aid, but all-in-all.... ;)

  2. I believe in it. It doesn't happen often, and it doesn't happen without give and take and even arm wrestling on occasion, but I believe in it. =)

  3. I believe in it, and I think it's a lot like our books. Only thing is, we don't write about the rough patches that happen after the end of the book, and everybody has them if they're breathing.

    I also thing it's like jo said, not for everyone, because you definitley have to give up chucks of yourself to make room inside for someone else!

  4. Okay...definitely and chunks... What on earth makes me hit "publish your comment" before I read it?

  5. I believe in true love, but I know it takes work-anything worth having is.

  6. Nice story. Love to hear these inspirational stories of love. Can it happen? On a good day, I think, sure. On a bad day and surrounded by men and women who are in marriages that are unhappy and unfullfilling, I say "no". But, all in all, I think it's a crap shoot. Some people are just lucky at love and others are not. This woman has a history of coming from a family where there was love. A model was replicated for her and that energy and vibration she was surrounded by. It was her destiny to find that love, even with a few wrong turns, she found what she had in the very cell of her body.
    The question is, how does someone who grew up in a unloving home, by a unloving marriage, abuse and many other such horrible things, find the love out of your romance novel? Is it possible? Sure, but probably alot more difficult and the odds are higher against them. Their investment portfolio was weak to begin with.

  7. Do I believe in fairy tale love? Yes, because I'm living it. My parents will have been married for 61 years come Thanksgiving. I wanted the same for myself and found the man (well...he found me) with the same goal and interests as me. Yes, he's a cowboy. Yes, I have dusty furniture and chunks of manure on my kitchen floor. But it's all worth it to me because he's old fashioned and treats me like a queen. We had our first date the day after we met and have been together ever since. Love in romance novels is a bit stretched but, I believe, based on some truth. It happened to me.

  8. I do believe in romance, I do believe in romance, I do, I do, I do!

  9. Congrats to Kelley and Luke for finding each other!

    I do believe in larger than life romance...but I think you have to work at it. It doesn't get simpler just because you both say, "I love you,"...it gets tougher after that!

    And, sadly, that is doesn't happen often enough.

  10. I've been married to one man for 37 years. We've been through our share of hard times and good. My husband isn't perfect--neither am I. We work at our relationship; we give love every chance; we respect each other; we prefer our company to anyone elses. Every year grows better. Our romance might bore others, but it doesn't bore us. We both believe.

  11. 0Yes I do believe in it. My husband and I have been together for 27 years. We have friends who were married before and after that are now divorced. For a while that's all we were hearing about.
    My husband laughs and gives a quote from Thomas Carlyle "We had to marry each other -to keep two other people from being miserable." :)
    However even he admits the truth, we each married our best friend. We are not perfect but the imperfections are what have helped strengthen our relationship..

  12. Do I believe in true love? Yes. But like all the others said it has to be worked at and it doesn't happen to everyone.

  13. Thank you, all, for coming by and leaving me a comment. I really appreciate it!