Wednesday, September 22

Sometimes Life Wins...

I'm a very late blogger today. Also a very late writer. Late cook. Late laundry finisher and late bathroom cleaner-upper.

The kiddo started coughing yesterday. No big deal, we thought, because we'd been to a fair - tons of animals, crafts and shows...but that is another post-- and since the kiddo has pollen/dust issues we didn't think a lot about it. Until about 11 last night when her temp spiked, the coughing became incessant and insomnia started. At that moment I realized my next 24 hours were going to be more about life getting the better of me than me getting the better of life.

24 hours later we've been to the doc (upper respiratory infection) and meds have been had. The cough is still there, the sleeping issues aren't resolved but already there is marked improvement in her breathing. I'm much calmer even though my deadlines for the week have nearly all been pushed back. Why? Because there are times when life has to get me and there are times that life has to win. I'm not a robot. We aren't robots.

Yes, I could have pushed to write during her short catnaps today. But being worried about her and zombie-tired from zero sleep, the writing would have been bad. Bad bad. Which would have pushed me even farther behind. So, I'm giving today to Life and I'm trying not to worry about it. Because tomorrow is another day , right?


  1. Poor little sweetie. I hope she feels better soon. Writing, or any other task, when a child is ill is a waste of time.
    Get some rest, too, K.

  2. Poor Bebe and poor her mom. Take care.

  3. Thanks, D'Ann and Margie! Tomorrow is now today and she's a little better. Her breathing is mostly normal now other than the cough (thank God, don't think i could take another day of watching her shallow breathing like a hawk, ready to head for the ER!)...I got a full night's sleep last night because the husband took pity on me. :)

    Feeling refreshed and ready to take on the writing again!!

  4. Can't believe you even thought about writing - so dedicated! Now I just hope that you don't catch it, too....

  5. so far, so good, Christi. No symptoms for either husband or me.

  6. So glad the baby's better. Hugs to you all.