Thursday, September 30

To work or not to work....

I used to be an OT junkie. I couldn't get enough. My average hours were in the mid-50's and most weeks I only took one day off. I didn't write much in those days but found my accomplishment in the work I did.

Fast forward a few years and the OT has dried up because of economy-driven cutbacks. I started writing again and remembering how much I loved it. And then last year, I created the character of my heart, Bix. And I'm approaching the end of his first story.

Last week, my company took possession of our new store--first new store in like three years---and OT is for the having. The store manager called me up personally a few times to enlist my help. And you know what? I'm having a tough time surrendering my days off--the days I get to write unencumbered--to the company. I tell myself it's only two weeks and it'll be a nice bump on my check, but I'm still doing about half the time I normally would've done. Three years ago I would've put in close to 20 extra hours each week. This time, I'll be lucky to give up ten.

All because of a boy named Bix.

I love putting a new store together. No customers, no service calls, just good hard work. I love watching the store come together from a dusty shell to a gleaming mecca of commerce. I love the atmosphere, everyone chit-chatting, networking, gossiping, and all toward the same result, a new store. I get to see people I may not have seen in a while, catch up, have lunch with. I love seeing all improvements the company has made--look at the new aisle markers---ooh, did you see the pharmacy windows?---flat screens????

But, apparently I love Bix more. I want to reach the end of his story so I can send him out into the world and begin his next story. It's my day off and I will find a way to do both--help at the new store and write the next chapter of Bix, but for the first time in years, work is at the bottom of my to-do list.


  1. Good for you, Margie, for knowing your limitations and yet still 'giving'. Isn't it funny when characters capture our hearts how deeply that hold can be? Personally, I'm looking forward to The End of book 1...but only because I want to see what happens to Bix next!!

  2. Margie~
    We almost never have any extra hours at my store. I barely keep my 22-24. But last week, we had the same exact thing, hours for the taking, and you know what? I didn't take any. I wanted to work on Cat. That book has hold of me and it won't let go. I'm also trying hard to get through the end so I can enter the GH. I'm like everyone else, I love Bix and can't wait to see what happens next.

  3. You've finally hit the tipping point of choosing between $ and passion. We always say we write because we love it, not for the money or the accolades. Glad you are in a place where you are able to make the passionate choice!

  4. Margie, I'm way on OT....but this next week is the first time EVER i've told the staff i won't be doing any "extra favors" for anyone and won't be working my full hours...i've emailed web design people and told them the same thing..sorry, this weekend and next week i'm concentrating on chapter two, so you're just going to have to wait.
    that's a first.

  5. We do it all our lives, choose our priorities. There's little that's more freeing than saying No, not this time. Good for you. And for us. More Bix!