Friday, October 15

My personal heroine.

She's strong, she's sassy, she's brilliant.

She makes me laugh, she makes everyone she's around feel good, and she's been known to belch loudly in a totally silent library.


She's my personal heroine.

When I was a teen, I remember being such a'm sure we all went through that stage right? I'm going to move out as soon as I'm eighteen! Argh. I'm sure she was ready for me to move out then as well!

As I got older, I kept telling my mom how much smarter she much nicer. =) Yeah, it was just me growing up.

Now that I'm much older and wiser, I can honestly say my mom is my best friend. We talk on the phone almost every day, see each other in person a couple times a week.

She's also my personal cheerleader. This past several weeks with the New Voices contest, she's been behind me 100%. When I told her a little over a year ago I wanted to write, she said go for it. If I'd told her I wanted to be a professional camel jockey though, she might have said the same thing.

Because that's what moms do.'s not her birthday or anniversary, she's in perfectly good health and going strong at 72. But when I grow up? I wanna be just like her.




  1. You're lucky, Carrie. Very, very lucky. My mother has decided not to speak to me because I don't get along with my sister. Not only has my mother basically disowned me, she has my dad not talking to me either, and we were tight. It's a long, ugly story I won't tell here, but not all moms are golden.
    I would cut off my arm sooner than lose my daughter.
    You made me cry.

  2. I'm sure your daughter feels just that way about you, that you are her heroine. =)

  3. It's nice to revel in a good relationship. So glad you two evolved into best friends!

  4. I'm lucky enough have a Kari of my own. I hope she feels that way about me.