Friday, October 1

Panic Mode

This past week has been a huge stepping stone in my life. And it's ...scary.

And thrilling.

Last week, I received notice that I had placed in the top ten finalists with Mills and Boon New Voice. Eee. =) My stomach sank, my heart lifted. Since I'm only 5'4", that was a lot of action going on, let me tell you.

I sang, I danced, I ate chocolate. I called everyone I knew and say hey! Guess what? And they all said "Congratulations!!!" even though most of my family and friends have no idea what it really means.

I emailed my best online buddies, I posted to FB, I would have posted to Twitter, but I'll be darned if I EVER figure that program out!

All the things one would normally do after finalling in a contest. YOU would do it as well, I'm sure. So happy you want to share your good news with people who care. Who understand.

Last night, I emailed all of my web design customers and informed them I was taking a week off. Such panic I've never seen. Flurries of emails flew in, revisions made, panic soothed. I'm not going to deepest Africa, I said. Just taking one week off.

This is important.

They all understood, of course they did, dear. But if you could just fix this one little problem.....?

I warned my staff at work I'd be taking a few shifts off next week.

This is important.

But, what about my homecoming at my Alma Mater? What about my hair appointment?

Suck it up, I said. I've worked for every single one of you and now I expect the favor returned. It's for one week.


You'd think I had asked for the moon. And in a way, I am asking for it. I'm taking a week off for me, to see if I really have what it takes. If I can really hammer out a chapter two that will wow the masses.

Will it work?

We'll find out next week. =)

I hope you'll vote, I hope you'll read my chapter, I hope it will tickle your fancy. And I hope you'll understand when I say I'm taking a week off.

This is important.




  1. Carrie~
    isn't it funny when you do and do and do for people, how they come to expect it?
    You do have it.
    Now, when are we going to see this chapter???

  2. Haven't you already finished this book? Why the panic mode?

  3. D''ll be seeing chapter two this weekend.

    er..i hope. =)

  4., haven't finished the book.....=) working on it tho....

  5. Send those pesky website clients my way. I don't have a problem telling them what they can do for a week while you tweak your story. Glad to hear you're taking some time off to work on your ms.

  6. Do what you need to do Carrie. Sometimes you've just gotta be selfish. The land of 'what if' is not a good place.

  7. Way to stick to your guns and doing what's right for you at this time. You go, girl. And I'll be voting for you, just send reminders :)

  8. good luck, Carrie!! and good for you for sticking up for yourself get to work, k?

  9. Good luck, Carrie! Make sure to post on GIAM when your chapter is up, and give the link. I will certainly vote!