Thursday, October 28

Plot Matters

I lost sight of my plot.

I let my character get swept up into a life of teenage angst and romance and be a jerk about it.

All because I lost sight of the plot.

My plot: 16 year-old boy discovers the new town he's moved to is entirely populated by witness protection citizens and their federal agents.

But then he met a girl, followed by a few more, and went to carnival where he got sidetracked by an unwanted and unnecessary romantic entanglement.

I like the idea of the carnival. I like the potential of the carnival but the way it's written now, it doesn't further the plot one iota. Three, almost four chapters of snarky-with-little-heart Bix and not a plot development in sight.

AGH! (Total Charlie Brown moment)

So, now I'm going back to the fork in the road and finding my way back to the plot.

To help, I purchased a black dry erase board with neon markers (on clearance--love the BTS clearance specials). I wrote PLOT MATTERS on it in bright pink and have it posted where I can see it all the time. Even when I'm not writing, it's there to remind me not to lose sight of my plot again. It's a small step, but for me, it's a pretty big leap.

I doubt if this will be the last time I'll stumble along the way. Hopefully, next time I'll figure it out before ten chapters have been written and have to be rewritten. But I guess that's all part of the process and when I'm done, I will have a marketable book with not only a great character, but a solid plot for him to play around in.


  1. kick plot butt margie!!! roar!!! =) you'll find your way back, i'm sure of it!

  2. ditto what Carrie said! And don't mass-delete all those pages. You never know when a carnival might come in handy!

  3. You'll get it Margie. Bix is a great character. He'll come back to you.

  4. I don't think you're that far off track, Margie. Bix just stumbled a little bit. And like Kristi said, don't del the carnivl. It can come in handy just when you don't expect it!

  5. I think you can completely leave the carnival. All the dark corners, hidden rides, big crowds - sounds like the perfect place for Bix to spot a few agents in a huddle, accidentally spot a shield on the inside of someone's jacket, or something like that. You can keep the fun and add in some plot movement!

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments and encouragement. And Christi, you read my mind. I'm not deleting the carnival, only making it plot worthy.