Friday, October 8

When I was ten, I couldn't sleep one night, so snuck out in the living room and watched TV.

It was a movie called Night Stalker, with Darren McGavin. He portrayed Kolchak, who battled different monsters every week (and came out bruised and battered, but victorious)

This weeks movie was on vampires.

I watched the entire movie, in the dark, sitting about 5 feet from the screen.

Life was never the same after that.

Several nights a week for the next twenty years, I would have vampire nightmares. Screaming, detail filled, wake-the-house-up nightmares. Different stories, usually, but always featuring a vampire.

Now that's power of suggestion.

How did I overcome my fears? I have absolutely no idea. But I did read the Twilight series with great trepidation, and while I had a few night screamers, I've never again dreamed about vampires that way.

Did my brain finally just say hey! enough already! did I switch my fears to something else? (ok, there was the week when Vikings invaded my small town and raped and pillaged, but that only lasted a week.)

I still have screaming nightmares (my husband looooves those) about being trapped in a sinking car or falling off a cliff, things like that.

But for now, at least, my vampire fears have been laid to rest.

Oh, and Margie. Bungee jumping. 120 feet when I was 30 years old. Maybe that's what scared the vamp away? hmmm?


(who will, just in case, be deleting this vampire picture from her computer as soon as it's uploaded. Better safe than sorry!)


  1. I rarely have nightmares, so there will be no bungee jumping for me, funny girl. Actually, my nightmares these days usually involve daycare. See, I did daycare for like 20 years until I went to work seven years ago and now my nightmares are that I'm doing daycare again.

  2. daycare is probably as scary as

  3. I remember a movie about giant tarantulas when I was too young to realize about fiction. I told everyone I knew that "out west" there were spiders bigger than buildings! I was scared to go west for years...well, not really, but I do remember being convinced about the spiders.

  4. Terrified of the dark. I run to the car, mailbox or any other place I need to go in the night. Vamps?
    I think they're too stupid to be afraid of them.

  5. An interesting test would be to watch a scary vampire horror movie - the complete opposite of something like Twilight. For me, the Freddie Krueger movies freaked me out - and still can to this day. I refuse to watch them - I'll have nightmares for days on end.