Tuesday, November 16

All The Help I Can Get!

Brandi has her hands full here.

But she's fine. Easily in control of his herd of horses.

This morning while I was trying to think of something to write about, and looking at pics, it occured to me that I'm a bit like Brandi.


Yeah, I can lead a handful of horses, been doing it all my life. But I'm actually talking about writing here.
I'm making no sense?

In reference to writing, I have a handful of projects at all times. I'm never content to be working on one manuscript at a time. I'd always have several to choose from. I often get bored by one project, and I need to jump around. Have more than one character or characters to pick from.

Sometimes, I'll stick with one story til the end; sometimes I'll go back and forth between them on almost a daily basis.

At this moment, I can pick from Cowboy's Baby, A Real Bad Burn, Mississippi Blues, Sunny or three untitled Intrigues. Not to mention a couple oldies I could do some revisions on--A Cowboy to Keep or Shot Through the Heart.

How do I juggle all those stories? Like Brandi in this picture is going to hand off the horses to me and two other people, I will hand off my stories to some helpers.

I have several groups of CPs I rely upon for feedback and support.

First of all, Kim. She's been my CP from day one. I can't imagine this journey without her. Along with two other women, we have just formed an in-town group.

The gals of Critique-Me. Most of them are here on Word-Wranglers. An amazing group I think the world of, and are all so talented. They have published, won major contests, gotten requests for fulls. The talent among them is just mind-boggling.

Avril and Cassie. We clicked on the RWClist. Super writers, both. And since both write suspense, a good fit for my Intrigues.

Sara, my western writer friend from back east. Newly agented. She found things on Cowboy's Baby no one else did!

Last, but not least, Mika. My cowgirl friend from the opposite coast from Sara! She is only one of a handful of CPs who haven't hated most everything about Burn, and has good things to say about it. SO grateful to have found her.

Sometimes a certain manuscript fits a different CP better. For instance, I withdrew Cowboy's Baby from almost all CPs because it needs an overhaul. I gave it back to Kim because I think she can help me find the hole I can't quite put my finger on. Kim has that knack. It's her talent.

I'm keeping Burn with Mika because it feels pretty darn good to not get it back and feel like throwing up. LOL

The new Intrigue will go to Crit-Me, Cassie and Av.

When I fill that hole in Cowboy's Baby, I'm relying on Crit-Me and Sara to have the final look.

I get beta reads from the RWClist and Rom-Critters.

Can't forget my aunt Ruthie!

Every single one of these special women and friends bring something to my writing, and I appreciate each and every one for what they give to me.

Like with Brandi, a helping hand is appreciated.

Now, back to work.

I'm writing on tje new Intrigue today.

I think...


  1. I write two at a time normally but I have a folder of plots and two sequels thought out and researched. If an idea for the plot hits I have a folder I jot it in and get to it when I can :)

    I don't try to write more than two at a time though if i did I'd never finish one.

  2. HI Di, I'm working on two at the same time right now. I have a project I started for NaNo but I'm moseying along on the story I've been working on steadily since the first of the year. I actually started this story last fall and have revised it several times. I decided I will let it write all the to the end before really delving into critiques and fixing. If I don't I'll be so budy fixing the beginning I'll never finish the story. I did this once before.

  3. Your ability to switch between characters and not have other wips bleed through always amazes me! I do work on multiple projects, but I do it at different stages -- usually while I'm working on a rough draft, I'm editing/revising another wip...and like Hales, when another idea pops into my head, there's a folder for it. :)

  4. I can't do it. At present, I have five projects needing my attention. Only one gets it at a time. I tried one and one time only, to do multiples at once. Ha, didn't last a day.

    I require absolute 100% attention for each of my MS, so while I'll jot down story ideas as they come, they stay in their place until their time comes. Oh, it'll come.

    Just takes a minute.

  5. Here I was, ready to delve into your closely held secret of how you keep all your MSs and characters straight in your mind. And what do you do? You give kudos to your crit partners! LOL! Is that the secret, to keep it in the crit? Okay, I admit. I'm working on 2 now also, but I prefer one over the other. Each has their own computer file, right next to yours on my desktop. :) Thanks for the shout out! Yee-haw!

  6. D'Ann -

    I love the fact that you always have more than one thing going at a time. Sometimes, I've been able to do that, but right now, with the move, I'm barely hanging onto one MS - :). That being said, I've played around with a short story and some poetry, just trying to keep some creativity flowing.

    Hugs and let me know if you need me to read anything.


  7. One project for me a day. LOL I'd go crazy working with more than one villian at a time. And like the other ladies, I have a folder for story ideas, plot ideas, etc...
    Crit partners are worth their weight in gold and if you're lucky enough to really click with one, hold on for dear life. LOL

  8. I write a few at a time. Usually a short story, a novel and a script. I tend to be finishing the short stories no problem. That's why I wanted to do NaNo. So I would focus on one for a month and maybe actually finish it.

  9. I currently have 4 at the moment I waffle between....it really when I get stumped on one, to head off to another....keeps me fresh! =)

  10. LOL, I give you props, lady. I can't work on more than one MS at a time--I have ideas for other stories floating around in the back of my mind, but when I'm working on a particular story, it needs all my attention.
    Bravo for you. I wish I could jungle more than one at a time

  11. Wow. If I tried to work on more than one at a time, I'd end up with one gigantic mess. But I do get lot's of help from you girls at crit me. And my chapter mates at Ff&p are invaluable. Especially water cooler days. It helps to have company while I'm writing. When I take a break, there's usually another writer there to shoot the breeze with before it's back to the drawing board.

  12. Can only do one at a time--my focus isn't that good. But I write a weekly newspaper columnn. It's different enough that there isn't any bleed-through.

  13. Thanks, all, for coming by.
    I really appreciate it.