Tuesday, November 2

Favorite Authors

Oh, Carrie.
This is an impossible task.
I bet you thought I would say Linda Howard as my fave, right?
Well, she ranks way up there, of course.
But honestly, my favorite authors are some who are "real". Not that LH isn't real. She is. But I mean people I know in my life.
I started reading romance in the sixth grade, and the author I loved was Victoria Holt. Couldn't get enough of her her Gothics.
Then Barbara Cartland. Not such a fan of hers.
Then I found category romance. Ah, love.
But when I began to write, the person who started me on this journey was actually Margot Early, Superromance author. She taught a non-credit class at the college. She also introduced me to RWA. Patti Standard, she no longer writes, but she was an amazing Silhouette author. Very talented.
Then there's Brenda Mott, another Superromance author who introduced me to her agent, and did everything she could to help me sell.
Couldn't let this post go by without mentioning CPs, both pubbed and not, who have helped me so much.
Laura Anderson, where did you go? I miss you. You taught me so much!
One of them, Kristi Knight, has been my CP and friend for years. I couldn't have kept going without her strength and help.
The ladies of Crit-Me are the best....Carrie, Carol, Christi, Deb, Kristi, Liz, Margie, Shawn, Terri, some pubbed, some national contest winners, all incredibly talented and generous.
The new CPs and friends who have helped me with old, dead mss, Avril, Cassie, Sara and Mika.
All my faves.
I enjoy Bix and Mika's Blue cow dog and Somiar and Sasha and Charli and Esme as much as I do the pubbed author's finished pieces.
This is why I could never pick one fave author. It's impossible.


  1. Very good post! Like you, I can't pick just one fav author. I have many and for different reasons.

  2. Ah, Victoria Holt - she started me down the reading/history path, too!

  3. Ah, she said my name! Too cool. Like you I can't pick a fave author, I have fave books by amazing authors. You mentioned Linda Howard; that Death Angel of hers is a staple with me. I heart that book. Victoria Holt, aah. So many books, so many authors. How do we choose. We can't.

  4. In big trouble here - my favourite author isn't a romance one - it's Agatha Christie. I have all her book and have read then a hundred times.


  5. Too many books, too many good authors. But (and this is not romance) Richard S. Wheeler, David Thompson, Lilian Jackson Braun, Tamar Myers.
    Romance--I use to like Landis, Georgina Gentry,Johanna Lindsay,Rosanne Bittner. Now it seems I enjoy every book I read!

  6. victoria holt, i agree...and johanna linsdsay both big staples in the beginning of my romance reading career....

  7. My favorite authors are Virginia Henley and Joey W. Hill. :)


  8. I loved VIctoria Holt and like you said it is hard to pick one. But I have to be honest my number one in Nora Roberts and her alternate ID JD Robb. I read other books by other authors and if i read one by an author and like it chances are if I see another I will grab it and pick it up too. But I can't lie Nora is the one I will look for her new releases and even her rereleased older books I haven't read.

  9. Wow, I'm with Avril... You mentioned me. And you're one of my faves, too...

    I, also, have too many to mention--in romance, science fiction and mainstream historical. But I'll mention the ones who inspire me.

    Books can be like old friends. I've read some of John Jakes' books so many times I know the stories almost as well as my own.

    I love science fiction authors Alan Alston and Matt Stover. I've read most of their Star Wars books and several of them tops my all time faves list. In fact, I quoted Matt Stover over on my Face Book profile..."Love will ignite the stars"...from his novelization of Revenge of the Sith (episode 3 of the SW movies)----yeah, I'm a geek.

    In romance, I simply have too many to mention, so I won't. Actually, it would be easier to mention the ones I don't like, but for obvious reasons can't do that.

  10. Hi D'Ann! I feel so special - I made your shout-out list! Blue & I both thank you. A few of my fav authors are Cherry Adair, JR Ward, Jacquelyn Frank,Sandra Hill...just to name a few. Within our crit groups I have a few personal fav too. And YES, you're one of them!! Hurry up on getting Chapter 9 to me, will ya? I GOTTA KNOW what happens at the party! I feel so fortunate to be able to interact with many of the next NYT Bestsellers. You're all my favorites on the page and in my heart.

  11. If I could only choose one, which I couldn't, I guess it would be Kathleen Gilles Seidel. I like all her books, but it's mostly her voice I love (and covet.)

    And then I think--talk about genre skipping--about the James Herriot books about his veterinary practice in England. I've read them so much I've had to replace some of them.

    And then there's...

  12. Thanks, all, for coming by! Very appreciative of your comments.

  13. Favorite authors come and go. Love Jennifer Crusie and Toni Blake. From the gothic era, I was big on Mary Stewart. But if I have to pick one, there's really only one that's lasted for decades and she doesn't even write romance and that would be Barbara Hambly. She makes it look so easy.

  14. I don't remeber which author got me intrested in romance. I've always loved to read. When I was around 13 we moved into new house. The previous owner left a box of Harlequin romances and I read them all in about a month. After I got older, I started reading Rosemary Rogers and Jackie Collins.(Loved her Lucky Stories). Sherrilynn Kenyon's Dark Hunter novels got me hooked on paranormals, and Terry McMillian has me for women's fiction. All of you have introduced me to new
    genre's too. Romantic comedies,westerns. I've laughed, cried and held my breath in anticipation with all of the critique me heroes and heroines, so needless to say, you guys rock!

  15. D'Ann... since you're an LH fan, have you read Beverly Barton? I love her rom suspense. Sandra Brown's older stuff like Envy, Slow Heat in Heaven was fantastic. I like Judith McNaught, Anna Campbell, Christine Wells, Nicola Cornick...SEP, Rachel Gibson, Susan Donavan, Deirdre Martin... If you want a good western romance..try Penelope Williamson's Heart of the West...that's a humdinger.

  16. Ahh. Victoria Holt. I totally forgot about her. I think she was the first romance writer I ever read.

  17. It's hard to pick just one favorite. Can I list several? If so, I list Nora Roberts, Julie Garwood, Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick.

  18. Great choices, D'ann. I have to admit my favorite authors are debut authors. Just when I fall in love with their writing, they switch styles and disappoint. Maybe it's the pressure to write quickly. I won't name names. They know who they are. :)