Thursday, November 11

You Validate Me

Validation comes in all forms (as witnessed by the variety of posts this week on the subject).

I have to admit, I get validation from my critique partners, from my family--especially my youngest daughter, Jordan, who is Bix's biggest fan, and from friends. But, sometimes the best validation comes unexpected sources.

A few years ago, my coworkers passed around the first novel I ever completed--all five hundred pages of it--because they loved it. I know it needs a major, major rewrite to ever be marketable, but the fact that they shared it---one of them even had her mom and daughter-in-law read it. The fact that strangers read my book and enjoyed it meant so much. They didn't offer me critiques or suggestions, they simply read it for the pleasure of reading.

Last week, I was friended on facebook by a work acquaintance who had read a chapter or two of a wip a couple of years ago. And the first thing he asked about was that wip. The fact that he remembered that piece meant so much to me, even though I've yet to finish it. It makes me think that I should pull it out and work on it after I finish my current wip and see if I can get it to go anywhere.

When people I went to high school with ask if I'm still writing.

When I return to work after a couple of days off and say, "Guess what?" and Nathan, my EXA, says, "You sold your book." No. I actually have to finish it, but thanks for thinking I can.

For me, those moments are just as validating as a good critique or contest score.


  1. You are so right, Margie! The best validation comes from people in our lives -- because they are there 'in the trenches' with us every day. Great post!

  2. And that's the validation that matters most, too.

  3. I just finished writing a guest blog about the same thing - that all that matters in the end is knowing that 1 person enjoyed your story. Their day was brightened. Bottom line - that is a good day.

  4. The one person who I count on more than any other is my daughter, Brandi. She never lets me down. If I think I can't write one more word, or sub one more time, she's always there with a hug and a word of pick me up.
    She has never failed to read a piece "one more time".

  5. My son and hubby think I'm superwoman. My daughters know I'm human(maybe it's a woman thing)but they all are always there cheering me on. I just need the support of one more person...maybe I'll tell you all about it someday.