Wednesday, December 29

I Just Don't Wanna...

Since the holidays began, the blogosphere has been overtaken with 'don't wanna' posts. From not wanting to shop to not having the time to write, we've all felt the stress, I think. Today, I have a different kind of 'don't wanna' post. I don't

What? The uber-reader doesn't want to read? Why? Well, that's the story.

I've come to the last book of Jayne Ann Krentz's 'crystal' trilogy -- it's part of the bigger Arcane Society series. It's futuristic, which would normally be enough to turn me off. Historical? Love it. Contemporary? Love it. Futuristic? Hard for me to follow. But that isn't the reason I'm still holding on to the book two-plus months after I bought it.

Why aren't I devouring the book like I've devoured all the others? Because when I finish this book, this part of the series is over. And I really don't want it to be over. If the book is sitting unread on my shelf, I can pretend it will never end. I can look forward to a free-and-clear weekend to sit down and readreadread. But once I start the book, the end will be near...and I just don't want this particular series to end. No, the characters haven't been the same in every book - there is 1 contemporary, 1 historical and this one is futuristic. So I haven't invested in a small group of characters. No, this time it's the story.

I don't want the story to end. So, I don't wanna. That's me right now. I don't want the story to end, so I'm not letting it...and I'm depriving myself at the same time because I really do want to know what happens. I know, I'm crazy. I'll come to terms soon and read...but probably not today.

How do you deal with a book/series ending when you really don't want it to?


  1. Too funny. My daughter did the same thing with the last Harry Potter book, she whipped right through it until the last 50 pages and put it on hold. We'd try to talk to her about it and she'd just say, "I don't want to know."

  2. I've done this before. But usually after I read the last book, when I start missing the characters, i start over from book 1.

  3. Don't panic - the series continues. Her newest In Too Deep released yesterday, and it sticks w/the same characters - the lead is Fallon Jones, the semi-crazy recluse investigator. So it is safe to start Midnight Crystal!

  4. Thanks, girls!

    I saw the new trilogy, Christi...and I know it *technically* continues the series, but it's not the crystal part of the series. I know, splitting hairs!!

  5. I was the same way with Harry Potter, Margie. I didn't hold off, but I sure wanted to.

  6. Funny, K.
    I can't say I've ever done this before. I hate to leave my own characters, does that count?