Tuesday, December 7

Picture This!

I have Visions.



People ask me where I get my ideas--one of my bosses snickers when he asks-- I guess he thinks I am acting out my sexual fantasies in my stories.

I'm not.

But I am writing the scenes that start with a vision. In my latest ms, I "saw" a woman siting at a ceder tree, someone comes up behind her and puts a thin line around her neck and chokes her to death.

Then it becomes my job to figure out a name, place, time and everything else that goes into a story. This is only one of the reasons I like to be a pantser, not a plotter.

But that's another subject.

Sometimes the visions show a full-blown scene, sometimes just a glimmer.

But either way, they give me a jumping off point for one of my stories. And that's how I get my ideas.


  1. That is a gorgeous picture, D'Ann. Seeing something like that in the morning would give me inspiration too. I have no idea where my stuff comes from. My current MS isn't contemporary, so is it make-believe at the 4th power? (please, God, let it be so!). I love hearing how others find their inspiration.

  2. I don't exactly get visions, but ideas come to me when I'm walking.
    Also, I could be reading a newspaper or magazine article about real life events and real people that will spark a fiction idea.

    Jacqueline Seewald
    STACY'S SONG--new YA novel
    TEA LEAVES AND TAROT CARDS--adult romance

  3. Everyone snickers when I tell them I write romance too. =) Although when I first read that line in your post, I thought it said "my horses snicker"
    ah, been a long day...lol

    however you get your inspiration, just keep writing writing writing!

  4. I wish my ideas came like that. And about your boss; isn't it strange that when you tell someone you write romance, you can tell in their expression whether or not they think it' s all about sex? Anyway, your visions must be dead on because you write great stories.

  5. I agree, Shawn! I love to read D'Ann's work.

  6. Visions, dreams...it's amazing how our minds work, isn't it?!? :) Always amazes me how many people think romance are just a bunch of sex scene bookended by Chapter One and The End. I just laugh them off...their loss, I say!

  7. I get snippets of movies in my head. Full-on color, everything present. So much so, that whatever emotion is in there stops me in my tracks. Sends me running to write it down, record it to come back to later. It's how come I've got like a million projects floating around in my head.

    However your inspiration comes to you, be happy it comes :-)

  8. Thanks, Jc.
    Kewl to see you again.

  9. Thanks, Sheri. You must have some stunning sunsets where you live, too. I know your story will rock. Believe!

  10. Hi, Jaqueline.
    Thanks for coming by!
    I get visions from those ways, too.

  11. Carrie~
    I don't know if the horses snicker or not. They very well may. I know they think a lot of the equine stuff in romances are silly.

  12. Aw, Shawn.
    That's sweet of you to say.
    When are we going to see some more of yours?

  13. Hey, K!
    I missed you!
    I could care less what anyone thinks of my books, in the sense of my boss and people like him. I care what true romance writers/readers think.

  14. Av~
    It sounds a bit similar to what happens to me.
    What works, works.

  15. Nice post, D,Ann. Me, well, I've never had a dream or vision until after I start working on a story. Several of my story ideas have come simply from a word, which, usually ends up being the title of the ms. LOL Then the story begins and with it more ideas spark.

  16. My muse gets all her craziness from real life, music, TV, just about amything the senses can pick up.

  17. Only writers can get away with saying, "I had a vision...
    and be taken seriously.

  18. Hi D'Ann. What a beautiful photo. It's interesting to hear where other writers get ideas for stories. For me, a tiny bit of information from a newspaper article or magazine, seeing a photo, or something said in conversation...just about anything, anywhere, can spark my imagination. I'm always asking "what if." Seeing an 18- wheeler with a load of logs, I'm thinking,"what if that truck fell over on my car...and what if I were a spy...and what if I were to wake up in a totally different place... etc." :-) I don't have visions, but I do dream stories, and once I have an idea, the story plays out like a movie in my head.

    However we get our ideas, it's all good!