Friday, December 17


Last night I sat at my computer for three hours and wrote four pages of crap. This wasn't just a bad writing day, it's been going on all week. Usually, when I have a bad writing spurt, I'll find something in the pile of garbage that I can use. This time, nothing, zip, nada.

Well I thought about it at work today, and I finally found the culprit. Christmas. At the risk of sounding like the grinch, I have to say Christmas has scrooged up my writing. There's just too much to do. I'm making dinner, working, entertaining family from out of town, and haven't even done half the shopping I need to get done. Hubby refuses to tell me what he wants,so I'm still guessing there. Even now, my cell phone is ringing off the hook. Family members wondering what's keeping me. I envy anyone that can write a good holiday story.

Maybe when Christmas day is here, I'll get out of my funk. When all the work is done and I can just sit back and enjoy the day and being with the people I love most. Maybe then, I can get my characters to cooperate.


  1. Sometimes you have to walk away. Maybe your muse needs the holiday to recharge? Hang in there. This too shall pass. ;-)

  2. Thanks Maeve. I think I will let the muse have some time off for now.

  3. I agree, Shawn. With so much going on, your muse might just need a little time off -- and who knows? maybe during the 'time off' the muse will be working behind the scenes, right? :)

  4. Kristi
    You are so right. And the muse working behind the scenes would be fantastic.

  5. Or, just to look at the other side, maybe this a push - you need to be able to write no matter what is going on. Christmas is a light distraction, not something emotionally charged like losing a job or a loved one. See if you can stick to a schedule and make yourself write - it is a healthy habit to get into! If you can't write, try plotting your next three chapters - something that still moves the book forward.