Wednesday, December 15

A Special Day In A Special Season...

Dear Baby, I have no idea who you are. I don't know what you look like. I don't know who you look like, although I'm certain you don't look like me or your future daddy. Here is what I do know: I love you. Women always say they loved their babies before they saw them, some before they felt them kicking in the womb. I've never felt a baby kicking inside me, never felt that horribly consistent pushing on my kidneys, never felt like my body wasn't under my own control. And yet I love you. I don't know who you are yet or where you're from or who you look like or who you will be once you're all grown up. But I love you.
I wrote those words in my journal, actually my future baby's journal, almost three years ago. It was written the day that my husband and I began our adoption journey, before we'd been matched to a child, before we'd even finished our home study. It was written from the heart, unknowing of the mountain standing in our path. A mountain that we couldn't see in the fog of our excitement at finally taking charge of our family plans. I wrote those words because I wanted our child to know how special she or he was to us. I wanted our child to know that, even before we met, we loved.

Today is our Adoption Day -- a very special day in a very special season. So I'm not blogging about writing, but I am blogging about love. Click over to my official website to read the full post here.


  1. Great post. Happy adoptaversary!

  2. And not a dry eye in the house...I'm so happy for you all, Kristi. What a season of holidays you have!

  3. Lovely, K.
    SO happy you're family is complete!