Thursday, December 2

Stuck in the mire of rewriting

I've been reworking a crucial set of scenes in my novel and as frustrating as it has been not to move on, rewriting these scenes before I finish the novel has been imperative.

As any avid follower of this blog knows, I'm a pantser and this novel, Bix For Short, has been an experiment of trial and error when it comes to plotting.

I'm happy to say that rewriting the carnival scenes has not only enriched the local flavor (Christi will be so proud), but I also developed a few minor characters and made them not so one-dimensional. The bully BJ gets a scene that actually gives a little bit of insight into him and makes him somewhat human. And Shrill Gull, Amanda, while still a little annoying has a scene that makes her sympathetic.

Plus, I took Shirley Jump's sage advice "Does the scene further the plot?" to heart. Now the scene drops a couple of clues as to the truth about Cypher, Indiana and it's inhabitants.

It's been a rough few weeks as I put the ending on hold to shore up this portion of the book, but what I'm getting is a richer and heartier version. And I think I can safely say, that I have the end in sight. It may take a month or so, but early next year, I will have a marketable YA novel to send out there into the publishing world.


  1. I used to detest rewriting. I thought it was like having my teeth pulled. Now, I kinda like it. FOr the reasons you mentioned. Rewriting enriches my story, adds the seasoning I missed on the first go.

  2. I kind of like rewrites too. Sometimes a rewrite may take the story in a totally different direction. It's kind cool when that happens.

  3. I've never been much of a rewriter, which is probably why I haven't been published but Bix is too important not to put the time into him. And I am liking the changes I've made so that's a rewarding payoff.

  4. Hmm - so the question is, did plotting this one hurt or help? Make it easier or harder?

  5. congratulations to you Margie! way to start off the new year, with a book that's going to be HOT! =)