Thursday, January 6

Challenge yourself

Last week, Authoress posted that she didn't do resolutions but believed in challenges. Specifically, writing challenges. I like that idea. Challenging myself. I think resolutions are often self-defeating. The older we get, the more we are likely to disregard resolutions before the week is even over.

So, to that end, I am setting up some writing challenges and putting them out into cyberland for all to see--at least those of you who visit today.

1) Finish Bix by March 1
2) Have Bix submittable by April 1
3) Query
4) Build a website
5) Work to be published
6) Begin a new book

I think for me, the constant procrastinator, it's important to add a goal date, especially for finishing my book.

I'm going to laminate a couple copies of this list and keep them with me, put one up where I'll see it every day to remind me what I want to accomplish, so that when life gets in the way, I'll have a guide to get back on track.

Anybody else have a challenge to put out into cyberland???


  1. Hopes for 2011 because "goals" sounds too anxious.

    1. Revise three manuscripts
    2. Look for agent and/or publisher
    3. Work on websites/online presence
    4. Take 4 month course/Literary Living
    5. Mini vacation with husband
    6. Plan next book

  2. Good post, Margie, and you'll make those goals!

  3. Good luck on your goals, Margie. I've got some pretty similar ones on my list.

  4. Good list, Margie. I plan to finish at least two mss, maybe more. I want to go to the CRW conference. Everything else I listed on Tuesday's blog.

  5. Great post, Margie, and great goals! You can do it you can do it you can do it!!

  6. can't believe it but I'm working on a list of goals now. Hubby talked me into it.

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by and for sharing your goals and hopes. I'll keep you posted on mine, someone's got to keep me accountable.

  8. Great idea! A date would surely get me going the right direction. My goals for 2011?

    1. Finish Tramp by 04/30/2011
    2. Finish Texas Ast. by 5/30/2011
    3. Edit Tramp and TxAst
    4. Ready to submit by 7/1/2011