Thursday, January 13

The Dangers of Quicksand

In the movie, The Replacements, the coach asks the players what they're afraid of. After a quick banter about spiders and bees on the field, Shane Falco, the QB says quicksand. As in you get stuck and everything you try just keeps dragging you under.

I think I identify with that because sometimes, life gets like that and when it does, it's easy to lose your writing focus.

The past week or so, I've had a lot external pressure going on.

Management shifts at work.

Post Office lost my certified letter from the IRS. REALLY??? Channeling SNL here. Really? You lost a certified letter? The one thing you're not supposed to lose? And you lost it? Really???

My dryer broke down so I'm washing clothes and driving across town to Mom's to dry them.

My daughter, Jordan, turns 21 in two days.

I can't drive my car on the freeway because a front tire might just fly off because my ball bearings are slipping. Although, on the bright side, my windshield wipers are fixed--a necessity in the PNW.

I'm heading to Medford, Oregon tomorrow for my cousin's post-wedding luau reception. Seven hours in an Outback with my mom and two sisters.

Yeah, I seriously need a foothold before I get sunk under. So, last night, I made a list. Once I made the list, I felt the quicksand easing down, only about thigh-high now. Putting all the must-dos on the list made me realize it's not as insurbmountable as I was feeling.

And now, as I begin my day, I'm starting with two hours of writing and working my way down the list.


  1. Margie! You picked one of my favorite movies to talk about...And I love it when Keanu/Shane talks about quicksand. Your list idea is perfect - making a list always helps the Copes come outta that Quicksand. :)

  2. Mine too. If I start watching it, I can't stop.

  3. Margie, I enjoyed your post. The Replacements is one of my fav movies, too. Hope things look up for you.

  4. Sandra,
    As long as the IRS doesn't come knocking at my door, it'll all pass :)

    thanks for stopping by

  5. Nothing like a list to put things into a tighter perspective.

    Have fun at the reception, and just keep smilin' while you're in that car!

  6. The Replacements was one of my favorite movies! I too can identify with the quicksand story. But I also identify with a story from "The Parenthood.". The grandmother said she'd rather be on the exciting rollercoaster instead of the carosel(sp). It just went round and round.

  7. Love that movie! One of my all time faves. Quicksand! I know that stuff all too well. Lay on your side and swim--it gets you out.

  8. I've never seen The Replacements, but I did get stuck in quicksand one. Scary as hell!