Tuesday, January 18

Inspire Me!

This week we're talking about who inspires you.
Although the topic is writing related, I thought instantly of my dad.
He's not a writer, and he doesn't write romance, so why would my old pop inspire me in my writing?
Because he's tough.
Two quick examples. When I was around 5 or 6, we went out into the woods to cut firewood. Dad cut his knee wide open with a chainsaw. Did he panic? Call 911? Nope. He stitched up his own knee with a fish hook. That's a true story.
About two years ago, when he was 68, he was tagging calves (roping and putting tags in their ears) when the mare he was riding flipped over on him, landing on his right shoulder. He got up, got back on and finished tagging. Later that night, he said his shoulder hurt. Mom forced him to go to the ER where they found out he had a broken collarbone. Two days later, he threw off the sling and went back to work.
Most people aren't as tough as my dad.
What do I take from that?
It's simple, really.
In this biz, you have to be tough, have a thick skin.
I'm not tough. I'm extremely sensitive and people hurt my feelings without even realizing it.
But I'm like my dad in that I don't give up. Sure, I get discouraged. I get tired of rejections and almost-but-not-quite-for-us. But I'm tough in that I keep trying. Keep giving it my all. I keep getting back on that ol horse...just like my dad would.
And that's why he, not Nora or Linda or Sandra is my inspiration.


  1. What lovely post. I can see why your dad inspires you!!!
    There are many people whom I admire, but I really had to think hard about who inspires me when it comes to writing. Like you, it isn't any of the many published authors who's stories I love, but I have to say it is my crit partners and their belief in me, and their encouragment to move forward. Without them I would have probably folded up my writing chair and shut off my computer.

  2. To make a better life for my family inspires me everyday to write. I write for me, to be fulfilled while doing something I love. The fact that if I one day get published it can provide for them motivates me to go on, even when I want to give up.

    What inspires my characters, music. The Dave Matthews Band inspired my heroine. The song Grey Street had wondering about the girl in the song and what happened to make her so sad...

  3. That is so sweet, D'Ann! You're dad is definitely an inspiration.

  4. D'Ann, your dad rocks! He's like a real cowboy! I'm like you...I don't have a particularly thick skin, but I am tough as nails...I have been through a lot in my life, and somehow managed to come out the other side not completely jaded...I think if we rise above our circumstances, then we can do anything!

  5. Love ur post! Ur dad is so awesome. That's what it's all about:)

    As far as inspiration in the writing biz I have to say Alyson Noel, James Scott Bell, and Lucienne Diver are a big inspiration to me. They all are genuine people who actually care about others and they all are very successful. I am very blessed that they allowed me to get to know them.
    So many people do not reach out anymore.
    Also, Katrina Campins from the first Apprentice is another. So thankful she reached out as well. Such a genuine soul. Her motto is to#BEGreater.

    Here's to INSPIRATION!! Woo hoo
    Go D's Daddy!!

  6. It doesn't get much better than that.

  7. That's why they're called cowboys. I admire people like that and just reading your post makes me feel like a pansy,(although some of my doctors can't believe the amount of pain I go through/put up with).But gosh, inspiration is not a person for me. I'm pretty much a loner. What inspires me most is places or events.

  8. Your dad sounds awesome, D'Ann. Many from his generation were, because they had to be. I can see how his determination would be inspiring.

    I suppose my daughters have inspired me to write. I find pieces of them sneaking into my characters; their support, even though they are teens, is invaluable. If anything comes of my writing, the first thing the money goes to is their education fund. That's a big motivation right there.

  9. Hi D'Ann~ Love your Pop. Sounds like my kind of man. I'm with Brendan, I admire my crit partners not only because they read what I write, but because they're hard working moms fighting for a self-made career. That's something to admire. I also admire my husband (who's a bit like your Pop) and his tenacity to never give up on himself or the underdog. Cherry Adair once told me, 'you just plant your ass and do it. Ain't nobody going to do it for you.'

  10. Wow! What a man your dad is! I can see why he's your inspiration.

  11. Wow, this one is easy for me...My 5 kids. They didn't always have the best of childhoods. With so many my husband and I couldn't put them in the trendy cloths, couldn't get them the really cool toys. Not once did they complain, never. They were happy with what they got and always said thank you and now that they are all over 20, not a day goes by that one or more of them doesn't call and ask me if I need anything or to just tell me they love me...

  12. Great post, D'Ann. I always enjoy the ones about your dad. He's like a cross between Rambo and a cowboy. And I can definitely see why he'd be your inspiration.

  13. Ohhh...a Rambo-Cowboy...there's a romance hero in the making! Good one, Margie! ;)

  14. Books and movies usually inspire me.

  15. Be sure you make him read this post - I bet he'll be touched!