Wednesday, January 5

New Year, New You?

So, the holidays are over. The resolutions have been made. Are you shooting for a new you in the new year? I'm actually not. Instead I'm shooting for a better me. Why better instead of new? Because I like who I am. I like what I write. I just need to do it all better! So, I'm resolving to make a better me - which actually means a back to basics me. Which leads me to the picture at the left. It's one of the last shots from "Romancing The Stone" - a.k.a. The Best Movie Ever. I love that line - you know the one! - when Joan says to Jack, "You're the best time I've ever had."

Swoon!! I want to be someone's best time, someone other than my husband or daughter. I want to be a readers 'best time'. I want someone I don't know to read my words, get lost in them and at the end be just a little bit sad that the ride is over. And, of course, ready to take another ride with me.

Writing is still the best time I've ever had (husband and kiddo notwithstanding), but it can be a struggle. 2010 was a good year for me -- I got some amazing feedback from an editor, had a few agent requests, and a published author gave me some great advice. Contests? 1 great final...several more nadas so...not so much. But then I've always been in the 'contests are too subjective' group and I try not to let it get me down.

This year, I resolve to keep on keepin' on. No suffering. No stressing. (Ha!) Of course I'll stress about a few things in life but I will strive to keep the writing fun. Focused but fun. The best time I've ever had!

On to the resolution: to keep plugging away at this thing we call romance writing. To finish the 2 wips I've got going now, add in 2 novellas and keep the queries in the mail - and hopefully make a few good editor contacts!
So, what are your goals or resolutions or whateveryoucall'em for 2011?


  1. Great pic. Love that movie and the line you quoted. I agree. I want to be a reader's best time. Loved your blog today.

  2. Super post, K. We're gonna have a super new year!

  3. Mine mantra for 2011 is- Nothing is going to get in my way!

  4. Thanks, Margie -- it's my favorite movie. I could watch it every day and not get bored.

    D'Ann, I agree - 2011 is going to be a great one!!

    Em, love the mantra and I'm gonna adopt it as my own.

    Nothing is going to get in my way. Huzzah!!

  5. A good mind set to take into the new year. I think I'll add it to my own.

  6. Wonderful post. And I hope we all get to be a lot of people's best time.

  7. Thanks for stopping in Linda, Shawn and Liz!