Thursday, January 20

You're the inspiration...

Wouldn't you know it? I pick the blog topic but can't come up with a post.

Who or what inspires/influences me?

Yeah, the usual. Husband. Family. Friends. Couple of teachers along the way. Bladda, bladdah, blah...

I'd have to say in finishing Bix, my biggest inspiration has been the people who read it.

From author Jennifer Brown (The Hate List) whose 5 page crit I won in an auction and who asked to read whatever I'd written on it. Which at the time was like 12 pages. But her enthusiastic response was enough to make me abandon the post-apocolyptic I'd spent the last year writing and world building on.

My good friend, author Jove Belle, who's been in the trenches since I started Bix's journey and is always up for giving me advice or a read through.

My critique mates at Crit-me and again, their love for my character has fueled my desire to finish it.

My daughter, the true inspiration for the genesis of Bix, who devours each page as it comes out of the printer but isn't afraid to tell me when I go astray.

My new critique partner, Lisa Nowak, who's a fine-tuning expert.

Author Sydney Salter, a recent auction purchase, who read the first 27 pages, and offered up some great advice as well as praise. Her guidance has given shape to what will be the true
GMC of the book.

These people have been my true inspiration. Because you loved Bix, I couldn't let him just fade away.

Thank you all. Hopefully, someday, I'll get to thank you in print.


  1. A good post, Margie, but I think Bix is an inspiration unto himself.

  2. Good post. Hurry up and finish that sucker! The world is waiting.

  3. Great post, Margie. I love it and I'm sure anyone who reads it will fall in love too! Can't wait to see it in print myself.

  4. ditto! Free Bix, Free Bix, Free Bix (or at least the last chapter 'cuz we're dyyyyyyyyying to read)!

  5. Thanks you guys, you're all the best.