Thursday, February 17

An excuse to post a pic of Rufus Sewell or more...?

Wow. This week's subject was a really tough one for me. I couldn't come up with a favorite heroine for anything. Not one single one.

What I realized is that I really gravitate toward the underdog. My favorite heroines in literature and in movies, and possibly in real life, have been women who have broken out of the roles that they were conditioned to be in.

Take Veronica Franco from the movie Dangerous Beauty. Based on a real-life historical figure, Veronica was taught how to be a courtesan by her mother because her station in life wouldn't allow her to be the wife of the man she was in love with, nobleman Marco. Veronica takes the power afforded to her by her position to influence governing men, to educate herself, and to forever win the love of Marco. If you've never seen the movie--Dangerous Beauty--seek it out. She takes the life given to her and lives it on her terms.

Another example is any Amy Tan character. My favorites being the Joy Luck Club women. Each of those women had tragic secrets which shaped the lives they carved out in America, but each one became stronger because of those events. Their secrets also shape their relationships with their daughters and once they come to terms with their secrets, their daughters are able to flourish and become richer people as well.

J.K. Rowling who as we all know, came from humble beginnings to carve out a future beyond probably even her wildest dreams, all by writing a "children's book". Had she never believed in herself, her character, and her writing, the publishing world might be a lot different today.

I think we get to choose whether we accept what life has to give us or we rise up and rebel against what life has to give us and improve our situation in doing so. Those are the heroines that I will return to again and again. The women who defy what society tells them "they have to be", to strike out on their own and live their life by their rules to satisfy their hearts.

My last example is Amelia Earhart. Need I say more?
Strive to be an Amelia. Follow your bliss.


  1. Margie, what an inpiring post! I love a good underdog story, even when the end isn't as happy as I'd like. I cried buckets through the entire Amelia movie, but I still bought it as soon as it came out on Blu-Ray. In books, movies and real life, I like to root for people - even me. So I'm going to take your words and I'm going to be my own Amelia...

  2. Popping by from the just-write-it group to say hi. I like underdogs, too, which is why my favorite fictional heroine is Jane Eyre. My contemporary favorite is Stephanie Plum. She's totally inept at bounty hunting, but hangs in there and keeps trying, and somehow it all works out for her in the end. Plus she gets two yummy heroes in Ranger and Joe!

  3. Great post, Margie! And you're right--let's all be Amelias.

  4. Kristi and Liz, I came up with the Amelia line when I was writing the blog, but I think it's a good motto to strive for.

    And Michelle, I love Stephanie Plum, especially the early years. And I can't wait for the movie. When I first started reading the books I always pictured Sandra Bullock and Benjamin Bratt...but they got too old

    Thanks for stopping by and chatting.

  5. Great post, Margie. I loved the Joy Luck Club too.

  6. Rufus Sewell? Like how you managed to sneak a hot guy into a blog on heroines - sneakily done!