Tuesday, February 8

Meet Kristi

This week on Wordwranglers we're interviewing one another. Today is My friend, Kristina Knight...

Kristi, you and I have been friends and CPs for a long time. It’s a pleasure to turn the tables and interview you, as you are usually the one doing the interviewing in your day job. Tell us a little about that work, please.

I write non-fiction, business-based articles for a small business newsletter and magazine. I also write family/parenting articles for magazines and online outlets. I like the flexibility of working for myself, and for both areas of my non-fiction self I get to talk to some very interesting people about what they do and why.

2. Because you write for a living, does writing for pleasure ever turn into not such a pleasure?

No, because they are so different. My non-fiction writing engages a different part of my brain. Even though I'm writing a story, it's more bare-bones, who-what-where-when type writing. Just the facts. So when I turn off my non-fiction brain I can write using more of the how-why aspect of telling a story. It isn't perfect, though. I often feel overwhelmed by my non-fiction assignments, so I have to be careful to balance both sides of my writing as much as possible.

3. Why romance? What appeals to you about this genre more than any other?

I've always loved the romance genre. I like the emotional punch packed into every sentence, I like the journey that the characters go on and I love that it ends in happily ever after. I think, and this goes back to my reporter self, that I've written so many not-happy-ending stories in real-life that I really like to write (and read) fictional happy endings as much as possible.

4. How has motherhood changed you as a writer?

Oh, that's a good one and hard to answer! I think motherhood has put me in touch with my emotions in a way I've never been in touch before. I feel more deeply – I cry at the drop of a hat now, both happy and sad tears. I think that has carried over into my writing, but not in a melodramatic way (at least I hope so!).

5. If you couldn't’t write anymore, how would you fill that void?

I would quilt. I've always enjoyed the process of sewing and creating something beautiful from random fabric designs. I started out making purses years ago, and just before our daughter came along, my mother-in-law and I took a quilting class together (she's muuuuuch better than me). That quilt in on my I'll Finish This Year list of things to do.

Thank you, Kristi.


  1. Hi D'Ann! Kristi says it's not hard to write both fiction & nonfiction but I think I'd get tangled up in it. Or embelish the facts. But I guess when you're as professional and talented as Kristi is, maybe it's not too hard...

  2. Sheri, you crack me up! It's easy (for me) because I've been doing it so long! I should note, though, that I only rarely write both fiction and nonfiction on the same day. It happens, but I try to keep things separated.

    PS: thanks, D'Ann, for the great interview!

  3. These interviews are such fun to read because even though I feel as though I know you guys, there are "parts" I guess I don't.

  4. Kristi, you are my efficiency role model. I want to be like you when I grow up. You rock, my friend.

    And D'Ann, great questions. I echo Liz, it's really fun getting to know you all a little bit better.

  5. Hey Kristi! I always wished I had learned to sew. I got a beautiful quilt from hubby' grandmother a couple of years back. BTW, I echo Sherri. I'd have everything mixed up.

  6. I'm a little late to the party... But I've been meaning to stop by and read all week... Nice interview you two!