Wednesday, February 9

Meet Wrangler Margie!

So this week we're playing Getting to Know You! Yep, we Wranglers know quite a bit about each other, but I've been really surprised at many of the answers. Today, getting to know Margie, who writes YA.

Do you have a writing schedule? Why/Why Not? No. Not really. I try to write on my day's off which are during the week and when I close over the weekend. When the writing is rolling, I also will write on my lunch at work. Or do edits on a chapter at a time during my lunch. I wish I was more efficient.

Do you need a title or characters names before you can begin writing a book? Why/why not? I don't know that I "need" them, but they usually come to me as the character does. And I do like to have a title to doodle with at the top of the page or when I get stuck. Characters though usually come to me with a voice and a name.

What is the biggest challenge you face with writing? And why do you keep going even in the face of that challenge? My biggest challenge is probably carving out regular time to write. When I'm in between projects it's harder to make the commitment. I keep going because I want to be a published author and I love my boy, Bix.

You've mentioned your daughter is a kind of beta-reader. What is the best/worst piece of advice she's given you with your writing? The best part is her laughter. I love to watch her read the chapter and see her smile, but if I make her laugh? Sco-ore! There is no worst.

Where do you come up with your ideas and how do you know if a story idea is good or not? Usually ideas come while I'm driving or bored. Lots of times, they just come out of the blue. Like at work, one of the cashiers will call "Stamps to the front" which always makes me think of an angry little elf named Stamps because he stamps around. I don't know if it'll ever go anywhere, but when I hear Jaime call that out, I think of my angry elf.

I always think all of my story ideas are good. LOL. But, once I sit down to write them and they get stuck in the first few chapters, well, I guess that's how I figure it out. I have files and files of former "great" ideas that fizzled out in under 30 pages. If I can't stay interested, readers won't.

If the world was going to end within the next 5 days, what 3 things would you HAVE to do before everyone perished? First of all, is there a chance I could survive? If so, I'm going to be searching out a bunker and getting supplies. If the world's going to blow up, then I guess I'd want to spend it like I spend holidays, with my family.

We'd gather at my mom's, eating our favorite foods--because you don't have to diet if the world's exploding--and playing games. Phase 10 to the end.


  1. Great interview. I can relate on those ideas that fizzle inside 30 pgg!

  2. Hi Margie! Good interview - and I look forward to reading the next Bix chapter. Geri

  3. Ideas that fizzle...I have my share! I even have some ideas that fizzle but that I made myself finish. Painful. Soooo painful!

  4. Funny - I get ideas while I drive, too!

  5. Nice interview. I write on my lunch hour at work, too, and dictate into a tape recorder while driving to and from work.

  6. I've had a few ideas fizzle myself. It's so frustrating. Your daughter sounds like an absolute treasure.

  7. You're lucky, Margie. My daughter will faithfully read my stories, and reread them. But she doesn't like them. She always wrinkles her nose. She's a bit of a tomboy.