Saturday, February 12

WW's guest blogger, Liz Flaherty

This week on WordWranglers, we're doing some interviews. Although we all know one another quite well, this kind of get-to-know-you-better week has been so much fun! Today, D'Ann Linscott-Dunham is interviewing Liz Flaherty, a regular guest blogger here at WordWranglers.


You’re published by both Silhouette and Wild Rose Press. Please tell us those titles, and the release dates of those books. Can we still find the Silhouette?

The Silhouette, THE DEBUTANTE’S SECOND CHANCE, is still available from on-line bookstores like Amazon and used everywhere. You can also get my very first one, a Precious Gems called ALWAYS ANNIE used. The third one, BECAUSE OF JOE, is unavailable, but will be coming out in March as a digital release from Wild Rose Press.

1. When we met, you said your editor had suggested a critique group. Could you tell us why?

Well, if I could remember, I would. :)_I’d have to say because of my plotting, or lack thereof, and the fact that all my people tend to sound alike. Although I think the “formula” for writing category romance is a splendid one, I don’t fit “inside the lines” anymore.

2. How has a critique group benefitted/not benefitted you?

Gosh, it’s made me friends, and in the solitude of writing, friendship is important to me. Then there’s the actual critiquing, when the group members don’t hesitate to say I’m screwing up. I still defend myself, of course—no thick skin on this girl--but the truth is they’re right more often than not.

3. You’re retiring soon. Do you have plans to write all day, every day? Do you have anything in the works you haven’t told us about yet?

Not all day, every day. But every day. And I’m a creature of routine, so I’m going to have to develop a schedule for myself. I’m going to do an R and R on LAST ROSE, an old manuscript that Carina Press asked to see again. It’s one of my very favorite stories I’ve ever written, more WF than romance. Then I’m going to finish Early, which all my CPs know is a story purely of my heart, because ain’t nobody gonna buy it! 

4. Have you ever held a book signing?

Yes, and I hate them. If you’re with a group of other writers, it can be fun, but other than that, I’d sooner avoid them. I just can’t sell myself, I guess. I love talking to readers, and if they WANT to buy my books, I’m thrilled, but I don’t want to have to ask them to.

5. What is your biggest writing dream?

Earning a living wage at it. In all honesty, I think that ship has sailed, but if I actually have a writing dream, that’s it.

6. If all the computers in the world fried, could you write a book longhand?

In a heartbeat, on yellow lined paper with pens that felt good in my hand, but I couldn’t re-write that way, so if the first draft wasn’t readable, it would never go anywhere.

Thanks, Liz!

Thanks for having me, D’Ann, and for asking such good questions.


  1. Liz,
    I think you underestimate the appeal of Early. I think she could sell and sell well. Love the interview.

    Nice job, D.

  2. Interesting interview. I still write the first draft in longhand and then put it on computer. But I do a lot of rewriting regardless.

  3. I read all the interviews... Great idea, ladies...

    Great questions and answeres. I feel like I know all of you better.

  4. Wonderful interview. I love getting know other writers better.

  5. These interviews are a great idea. It's fun and very helpful to get new info on writers and writing. Great interview ladies.

  6. They were a good idea, and I appreciate being invited. It's funny how many liknesses most of us have as writers, and how many difference, too. Keeps us interesting, I guess.

    Thanks again, D'Ann, and to everyone who stops by. Oh, I hope you're right, too, Margie!

  7. Liz, I think Margie is right on - Early has tons of appeal...

  8. Liz, I loved Early! I thought it was a sweet story. And I love meeting writers at a book signings, but I don't think I'd like being the author at the table.

  9. Hi Liz and D'Ann - wonderful interview. I nodded my head at your reasons for the critique group. I used to write everything out longhand before I could afford my computer. Sometimes I'd stay late at work and type it all out on theirs!Ah...those were the days.

  10. Liz! So great to see you here! I LOVE your books. Every one is wonderful. I'm thrilled you have more books coming out!!!! Great interview, too :-)