Thursday, March 10

Falling In Love

We didn't have a clear agenda this week on Word Wranglers. And apparently, a few of us suffered from technical difficulties. I've tried to come up something enlightening to share, but my mind's a bit of mumble today.

Two nights ago, I couldn't sleep. I had the best first line ever pop into my head. "Mammy says they rewrote history."

Okay, maybe it's not the best line ever, but that night, it was all I could think of. I heard the mc telling me stuff all night. I kept checking my phone for the time. Every hour. Maybe I should've gotten up and started typing everything she was telling me. I didn't. I was worried about my 7am wake-up call.

Had I gotten up, maybe I would be okay with the not-sleeping thing if the best book ever had come out of that night. But, in the light of day the idea doesn't seem like such a great idea after all.

I love new ideas. I love the endless possibilities and the rush I feel when I meet a new character and begin to fall in love.

Sometimes it's just a mild flirtation, enough to keep me up through the night. But, when it's right, when it's real, it's like true love. It becomes an obsession, every waking thought is about this character and this plot line.

I love that feeling.


  1. I know that feeling! I have had tech difficulites, but I think I'm out of the woods now...hmmmm...I just had an idea about a woman in a red cape....!

  2. I think that's been done. Little Red Riding Hood or Wonder Woman ;)

  3. There's nothing like being hit with that incredible new idea, and the joy of mulling over the possibilities.

  4. Oh, I love new ideas, especially since I'm someone whose mind doesn't exactly teem with them.

  5. Try writing at least a chapter of your middle-of-the-night idea anyway - you might be surprised with what comes out.

  6. If you have a great idea then run with it. I know you're in the middle of a really good story right now, so just jot down some notes. You could always get back to it later.