Wednesday, March 2

Pass Me That Plot!

I don't know what it is with my reading lately, but I've really been into linked books. There was the Nora quad about weddings, the Arcane series from Jayne Ann Krentz, Suzanne Enoch's Sam&Richard series...the list goes on.

But one series, which will remain nameless because this isn't a review site and I'm not a reviewer, left me wanting more of one thing and less of the other. In both of the books I read (there are 4 so far, I think), I was left with the feeling that the main plot wasn't really the plot at all. The sub-plot overshadowed it. The pages with sub-plot were soooooo good and had me turning pages quickly and re-reading segments. The main plot? Skimmed it. I skipped entire sections because I just didn't care.

And that got me wondering: why was the sub-plot more intriguing for me?

It's a question I've been able to answer. So much time was spent on the main plot (as it should be) and so little time with the sub-plot (again, as it should be) and yet the sub was all sparkly and innovative and interesting and the main kind of stumbled around and stagnated. I read the first book and was left with a 'huh' feeling at the end. I couldn't quite put my finger on the why it wasn't working for me. By mid-book-2 I knew what the problem was: the main story wasn't reaching me. Sure, I could go on buying the books and reading for the sub-plot, but I felt a little robbed at that thought.

So I'm not buying more of that series. But I will try the author again - because I think I might like some of his other work. We'll see.

In the meantime, have you ever read a book where the sub-plot overshadowed the main for you? Did you like it? And did you give that author another chance?


  1. I've never had it overshadow. I actually prefer books with subplots/mulitple story lines. Gives you more to sink your teeth into.

  2. Can't say I have, Kristi. I am racking my brain, trying to think of a book like that, but nothing comes to mind.

  3. Hmm? Now you got me thinking, and thinking and...

  4. Hard for me to answer because I'm just a subplot whore. The more, the better, even if I sometimes have to back up to reacquaint myself with what's going on. For me, it makes a story so much fuller, and I'm not as likely to forget it as if it has a lean cast and only one main story.

  5. I read a book like that once. The major problem I had was the secondary plot was never resolved. It just fizzled out. I assume it was in a sequel somewhere, but I never found it.

  6. I tried for two days to come up with one and can't. Probably because I quit reading it if I didn't like it and erased it from my memory banks.