Tuesday, April 26

Love, Dreams and Following Your Heart...

A Few Authors' Thoughts On Publishing

Hiya, gang! D'Ann couldn't be here with today's author interview (don't worry, it'll be up later on), so I'm filling in with an eclectic mix of author's advice, thoughts on love and writing.
First up, Jeff Rivera, who writes for Grand Central Publishing. I caught up with Jeff a couple of years ago to talk writing and asked what his advice was for aspiring writers. His suggestion? Develop a support system!
"I think you have to have a huge support system. All my family have been very excited for me because even when we were dirt poor in Oregon and Nevada we stuck together. So, this success I'm having is not just my success it's "our" success. My friends are happy for me but some really aren't that interested. To them I'm not this big author, to them they're like "Oh, that's just Jeff, so what?"

Next up, poet C.E. Chaffin, who trained as a medical doctor before following his heart (no pun intended) into poetry. Although many think poetry is dead, he does not and here's why:

"Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word. There may be a smaller audience for poetry today, given the competition, and more poets publishing than ever. The Net has caused a proliferation of literary journals that is more democratic and participatory. There are probably more serious poets writing than ever before. And poetry is the miner's canary of the culture, in my opinion. It records the travails of the time and tries to connect them with eternity and history. Love is one of the four enduring themes of poetry and one of the most difficult topics to undertake."

So, support systems and following your dreams...sounds like good advice to me!


  1. I agree that support systems are one of the biggest tools in the writer's toolbox. You've made me think about mine.

    Family, CPs, old friends who've gone different directions but still figure into the fabric of your writing life...

    Lucky, lucky!

  2. A support system makes such a huge difference. Non-writers often just don't 'get it'. I rely so much on my chapter and my crit group!

  3. Thanks, Kristi, for filling in!
    You're the best, and at the top of my support group!