Thursday, April 7

True Love

Sorry, I'm not a published author, but since I'm still waiting to hear from one, I'm going to fill the space with, well, me.

Not really. I'm going to share a love story with you.

Today would've been my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately my dad died two years ago, just two weeks before their 48th.

My parents met when my mom was 18 and had just graduated. My dad was 27 and in the Navy.
My mom was engaged to her high school boyfriend and had gone to California to visit her father and step-mother. My dad was on leave and popped into visit his sister--my mom's step--and he took my mom out.

My mom mailed her engagement ring back to her boyfriend and married my dad on their eighth date.

When I first heard the story, I couldn't believe it. My mom, the most sensible woman I've ever known did what? The scandal. The impulsiveness. The love.

And that's what it all boiled down to. When you know--and my dad did, from the very beginning--you just know.

And they had 48 wonderful years together. And most of them were truly wonderful.


  1. that's an awesome story, Margie! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. The heart always knows but most don't listen. Glad your parents did. Beautiful story.

  3. If you wrote this as a book, nobody would believe it!`