Friday, May 13

Are You Superstitious?

I used to be petrified of Friday the 13th. I was raised around a lot of superstitious people. Then Friday the 13th would come and go and nothing super bad happened. There were no monsters in the closet, and Jason Voorhees didn't come after me. So, I stopped being afraid of Friday the 13th.

Then I got married. Didn't realize I married a superstitious man. Hubby would have a fit if we split a pole or if I walked under a ladder. I would laugh it off, and when days passed with no bad luck, he laughed too.

My daughter would have a fit if she broke a mirror. She was convinced she would have seven years bad luck.

My mother always told me never to buy a man a pair of shoes because he would walk out on you if you did.

I dismiss all these superstitions as phooey. But maybe, in the back of my mind some of it stuck. In twenty-three years of marriage, I have never bought my husband a pair of shoes.


  1. I'm not, but I never push it, either.

  2. I am superstitious. I admit it. Don't go under ladders, try not to cross the path of a black cat...a lot of things.

    It just pays to be cautious.

  3. I've always considered 13 my lucky number. That's why I bought a lottery ticket today.

  4. I've never heard the thing about the shoes, but I was a tad nervous to learn it was Friday the 13th yesterday. I think it's because I really don't have the best luck.

  5. I'm not superstitious - don't throw salt over my shoulder, don't worry about breaking mirrors - but then I have my little idiosyncracies. My desk has to be 'just so' before I can write...

  6. Never heard the shoe thing before - have bought my husband loads of them. Go on, try your luck!