Wednesday, May 25

In An Affirming Mood

The weather is getting warmer so in between writing deadlines, I've been doing my fair share of day dreaming. And thinking. A couple of years ago the husband and I headed to Chicago to meet up with his family and we had a great time. Went to the Taste of Chicago event (if you've never been and plan on it, be prepared for a crowd and a half) and Navy Pier. On the walk between Taste and the Pier, we walked by several buildings either renovated for condo living or in the process of being renovated. And I wondered who lives there -- are they day traders, accountants, doctors, lawyers, jornalists? Are they happy with their view of Lake Michigan, the boats, the Pier? Do they still want more? Do they live paycheck to paycheck to pay for their lifestyle?
Do I want to be them? Do I want a condo overlooking the Lake, great view, big life?
Yes, I do want those things. But I realized something else during our hike through Chicago, and it's been brought home to me - all over again in the past few months. I already have their life. No, I don't live in a condo overlooking the lake, but in my own way I do have the equivalent.
I have a job I am passionate about, a career that I'm carving out one word at a time. I have a home I love, a husband I adore. A daughter I never thought I'd have. Someday the condo or house overlooking the lake will come if I work hard enough and have just a little bit of luck.
Sitting here today, listening to bebe singing along with her Princesses and overhearing the husband groove to his favorite 80s music, I can't imagine why I get all uptight about writing full time -- will I be a success/will I get an agent/get a contract/make this dream reality?
The fact is I am working very hard to realizing my goal: I'm working at writing full-time. No distractions. No inability to concentrate because of a bad day with co-workers. I have a manuscript on an editor's desk as we speak, am in the middle of a workshop that is totally making me re-think things in the current WIP, I have freelance contracts and deadlines. I can see how far I've come since becoming a full-time writer back in 2005. I have hope for the current WIP, have hope for the MS with the editor. Hope for my writing future.
What could be better?


  1. You have a great life, one to envy. You will sell, of that I've never had a doubt one.

  2. Although we all dream of full-time writing, the truth is that those of us who do it in between the seams of real life really do have it all; we don't have to give up a single thing. I think I like it. Thank you for reminding me!

  3. Thanks, D'Ann...some days I envy your life (and writing!!!), too. :)

    Liz, I'll take writing in the seams any day. :)

  4. Kristi, what a small world! My brother and his girlfriend live there. He's a flight attendant and she drafts players for the NFL. I share your dream of writing full time. How I would love to leave the day job!

  5. Drafting NFL players? Oh, the musculature! :) I'm jealous. I actually do love that area, although I wouldn't want to live there. :)