Thursday, May 5

Puzzle me

This week the pieces are falling into line. Last night I stayed up and wrote the skeleton of the last few pages of my book. Sure, I'm not there yet, but putting those pieces into place have cemented the picture in my head of what has to happen to get to that point.

I guess, you could say, those words are my edge pieces and I just have to fill in the middle. And I' m so close.

I've finally reached the Jamboree scene--something I've been building up to for quite a while. But, here's the kicker, I don't actually know what a paintball jamboree would entail. So, I'm still trying to puzzle that one out.

Do I want to go with a maze--like a cornfield maze with obstacles? It is the culmination of the Harvest Fest, so that would make sense. But, how big of maze would it have to be to contain 30 teenage boys with paintball guns in battle?

Do I want a military grade obstacle course? Or a maze/scavenger hunt?

And I can't not have the jamboree. It's been built up to be the climatic event and I can't just gloss over it with a couple of paragraphs. That's cheating the reader and I hate it when other authors do that.

So, that's where I am--sifting through all the same colored pieces looking for the one that will make all the others fall into line. And now, off to brainstorm a little more...

Bix count: 73,000+ words and counting


  1. I say go full-on, military scale maze/hunt area. But then, I'm not the one who has to write it...I'll just be enjoying the read!

  2. Military grade obstacle course - they've got NOTHING to focus on but paintball, so it needs to be hard core. Plus, they are in the middle of nowhere - they've got tons of room!

  3. I was afraid of that answer...

  4. Margie~
    I'm going to put you in touch with my nephew Kegan...he played a high level for a msg on Facebook...
    And congrats on being so close, btw!

  5. My daughter loved paintball, but I've never played, or even saw a match. Would there be spectators?

  6. I agree with the military maze vote--I had a couple of paint ball fans in class, and they were very serious about their competitions. They would have loved the rigor and challenge of such a course.

    Good luck!! Sounds like a toughie to me. Give me a good castle siege to orchestrate :0

  7. Barbara,
    I love the idea of a castle siege! That would be so much fun. Maybe that could be on the girl's course :)

    thanks for all the suggestions everyone.

    D--I saw the messages, but I got home at 11:30 and have to be back at work at 7:00--you gotta love inventory. Be in touch this weekend.
    thanks so much for the intro.

  8. I'm late, I'm late...I love the whole castle thing, but I know zilch about paintball, so will just slink away. But big congrats on approaching the finish!