Tuesday, May 3

Ten Things I love....

Ten things I love about writing...

1. I can create my own world, complete with people I love, places I do or do not know and the story I alone envision.

2. Working in my PJs, or underpants, if I feel like it.

3. As an unpublished writer, no bosses. That changes upon publication.

4. The joy of knowing when a scene comes together. There's just nothing like the feeling of knowing you wrote a great scene.

5. The End. An even better feeling.

6. I set my own hours. I like to write until 3:00 AM. Sometimes I want to write while General Hospital is on, sometimes I don't.

7. Really awesome writer friends who "get it" when I talk about my people.

8. The smell of a completed manuscript. Yeah, smell of new paper and fresh ink.

9. The feeling of a request. There's nothing like the feeling when you get a request, yeah someone wants to read my book!

10. Critique partners. Lots of mine have transcended into friends. Lifelong friends. I can't beat that.


  1. A lot of what's on your list would be on mine too, D'Ann. Plus:
    --A sense of accomplishment that I have re-invented my life.
    --Using words to create a reality in someone else's head
    --Playing God with my character's lives (yeah, I know that sounds creepy, but it's true :))
    --Finding more friends than I've had since undergrad school (and ones who "get" me)
    --Being able to help someone when I crit their work. (Great reward when they say "That's what I needed.")
    The list goes on, as I'm sure you know. Great post!

  2. Fun!
    1) All the friends I've made...
    2) The thrill of a new idea...
    3) Brainstorming with friends...
    4) When a tough scene finally makes sense...
    5) When my characters become real...
    6) When I get a good, tough crit...
    7) Pushing past the challenge of self-doubt and winning...
    8) Helping friends when and if I can...
    9) A good, strong writing streak...

  3. Hi D'Ann ~
    I can't claim all of your Ten Things, but I hope to one day. I have #'s 7 & 10 down!! and love you all. Great list. Thanks for showing me yours :) It reminds me of what to be thankful for.

  4. You got it D! Those are great reasons :)

  5. Your list is very similar to mine. I love the freedom of writing, and I don't just mean creating my own schedule. The freedom of creating a world where goodnes and love wins is awesome!

  6. A lot of what you have on your list is similar to my list. One that sticks out the most to me is the friends I have made. They are so precious to me, and have made this writing gig that much more enjoyable!

  7. Cool idea, D'Ann!

    1. My people--okay, you can call them characters if you must. I wouldn't know them if I weren't a writer!

    2. The work uniform.

    3. Playing with words--they're such fun toys!

    4. Talking to other writers.

    5. Writers know things some people don't. My kids and nieces and nephews will have their grandmother's stories in writing because a writer in the family--that would be me--knew how important the stories (and my mother-in-law) are.

    6. The work uniform.

    7. When the words flow. It is the best of things.

    8. The hours. Only because I choose them.

    9. My favorite thing that people have said to me is that I write what they feel. These are local people who are a part of my everyday life, and it thrills me if they like and identify with my voice.

    10. Did I mention the work uniform?

  8. -the rush at writing really great dialogue.

  9. Love your list and everyone else's too.

    I think mine would include having the excuse to research things I'm interested in. And then getting to twist it to fit my idea/story.

    And I love the feeling when everything's flowing and my pen or fingers can't keep up.

    Oh, and falling asleep thinking about my next chapter.

  10. All the things everyone already mentioned and I will add
    I love doing what I was created to do. Some people never find that thing that makes them the happiest, craziest most fulfilled. We have.

    Thanks, D'Ann. Great post.

  11. Number five is almost orgasmic. (sorry I couldn't resist)nine and ten run a really close second. Number four is in there too. You pretty much nailed them all.

  12. Thanks for coming by, everyone!

  13. Interesting to read all those. I keep in mind that points.

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  14. I love your list-

    Ten Things I love-

    Meeting Fans of my work has to be top.

    Creating characters

    meeting friends

    paying it forward

    my publishers

    patient and brutal editors

    Seeing the stories unfold the further I get into them

    losing myself in something I never thought to do.

    Being in control

    Release Day!

  15. D'Ann, love this list! And it's so true. I only wish i could write more and unfortunately my house is always a bit busy otherwise writing in underpants would be a huge plus, lol. I settle for sweats.

    Either way, everyone one of those things on your list speaks of enjoyment and passion and that's why we write. I wouldn't have it any other way.

  16. I loved the list...

    I can't think of a single one that wouldn't have been on my list as well.

    But above all, I simply love to write and can't imagine not doing it.

    Thanks for sharing! And I'm sorry I'm so late to the party!!!

  17. Okay, I feel like a dope! Just realized my son was signed into Google! Marcus should be Sara...LOL

  18. Hales, Stacy and Sara~
    Thank you for coming by!
    I appreciate all of you!

  19. I love working in pjs! Or grungy clothes.
    I love becoming my characters--sweeet and fragile, dastardly and evil,a cowboy, a prostitute, whatever.

  20. CJ! My friend!
    I haven't seen you for so long! Great to see you here, thanks!