Thursday, May 26

What Will You Do On Graduation Day?

My baby is graduating Saturday. He's already planned what's going to happen after that. Continue working during the summer, college in the fall. Although teetering on what he wants as a major,that's okay. He wants to make sure he picks a career that he loves. I remeber he once said, "My greatest fear is dreading waking up in the morning to go to a job I hate." I can respect that.

What he said made me think. No, I don't hate my day job. But I'm not married to it either. Most days I have to bite my tongue with either a patient or my boss. It's kind of like high school. You have your clicks, the teachers that get on your nerves, but you have good times too. Through it all you look forward to your graduation day.

That's where I am now. Looking forward to graduation day. The day I go from being unpubbed to published. Unfortunately, there's no way to tell when or if that day will ever come. So I sit at my computer, doing what I love. What I am married to. Writing.

What will I do on graduation day? After my trip from cloud nine is over, and the champagne is gone, I'll probably sit down at my computer and continue to work on my marriage.


  1. Shawn!
    Love the anology.

    My job is soooooo like high school. There are sooooo many woman there who act like they're still in Frehsman class. ugh.

    Graduation day?

    Go onto to higher learning, I guess. meaning I hope I keep learing, getting better.

  2. such a great attitude, Shawn (yours and the kiddos!). He is so right - there is nothing worse than going to a job you hate.

    After graduation day, maybe I'll bum around Europe for a few months...or maybe I'll hit the keyboard for a little more Study Hall. :)

  3. Great post, and I love your baby's POV!

  4. Great analogy, Shawn.

    I think the person who knows what they want to do for the rest of their life at 18 or 25 are the rarities.

    Jerry Seinfeld once said the reason grownups are always asking children what they want to be when they grow up is because we're looking for ideas. I love that!

    My graduation gift to myself is going to be either a great trip or I'm going to build a garden shed/room for writing. Or maybe I'll do both :)

  5. I suppose I've already "graduated" although it still doesn't feel like it. Both of my calls came in the form of emails, the first, for my paranormal novella came right after my cousin had passed away (I think he had a hand in that.) The second came right after I'd been rejected yet again on my full length time travel, which is now coming out in June. I walked around in a daze, which I don't think I've come out of. I think my graduation gift will be seeing my book in print, and I know that if you keep at it, despite the rejections, you too will have that moment, and won't believe it!

  6. Melissa, congrats on both your deals. I will keep at it. What's the name of your time travel? I'll make sure to look out for it.