Thursday, June 9

Bunco Madness

Tonight I'm hosting bunco at my house. So, this morning, I got up, baked cookies, and prepared Chicken Enchilatas. And then I had to clean the kitchen.

My kitchen is tiny. It's small apartment tiny or 60's ranch-style house tiny. Four Hobbit steps and you're through it. One Hobbit step and you're to the other side. So, you wouldn't think this would be that big of a deal.

That was until I noticed how dirty the cabinets were. So, my all purpose cleaner--that had probably been under the sink since the last time I'd had bunco--came out. And forty minutes or so later, my kitchen--including fridge--were once again white.

Was this necessary? Mmmm. No. But sometimes, especially when I'm feeling pressure, I tend to get sidetracked by the tiny details.

My bunco group consists of close family (my daugher, my two sisters, and my mom), and frendmily members--close enough friends that they could be family. Do they care if my cabinets are white? Probably not. Especially because they've seen them in all their dingy glory various times before. So, why now? Why today?

If I knew the answer I wouldn't be the procrastination queen that I am. But, today as I was mopping, I had a revelation--because what else is there to think about when you're mopping?
I do the same thing with my writing.

I am nearing the end of Bix. I know, you've heard that a few times now. But, really I am. I'd say I have about 10-15K words to go. But I keep concentrating on the details--what's the paintball vest look like? What can he put in the pockets?

I know these are important in the long run, but in the short run? In the I-could-finish-the-damn-book run? Not so much. Not as much time as I have devoted on them.
If I let those details go for a few weeks and just pledge to write (like Christi) 1,000 words a day, I could be done with the first draft of my book.

Wow. What a revelation. So, here's my idea. I'm going to write 1,000 words a day and if I get stuck on a detail, I'm just going to stick a CAP alert to remind me to fix it. By doing this, I could hit the end by July 4. And I have five days of vacation starting July 5. Five days of tying up those loose ends and melding the transitions.

So, that's my plan. Ditch the details and write away. I am at 76,400 words today. I'll check in with you next week to see how my plan is working.

And btw--I'm open to any advice along the way.


  1. Great idea, Margie. Good luck. I've never been able to do it, but I know lots of people do.

  2. Bribery always works. Say you can't watch your favorite tv show - or go to bed! - until you hit your word count. 1,000 is super easy to hit - I know you can do it!

  3. Yay!! You can totally do it.

    Advice? I think your CAP alert is a good idea, use it all the time when I'm writing on the iPad instead of the computer.

  4. You can do it! I'm rooting for you and Christi! I am stalled out at the moment, not writing at all. So I'll send you my all my good thoughts!

  5. Thanks for your encouragement, everyone. You're the best

  6. Cute post. Wish there was a spray so I could spray away and wipe away all my fixes.

  7. Great goal! I'm learning to 'not sweat the small stuff' as I'm drafting because that's what revision is for. Someone told me: just spit out the story; writing well comes in revision.

    (PS: You won a signed copy of THE REMARKABLE & VERY TRUE STORY OF LUCY & SNOWCAP because of the comment you left on my blog on Monday. Visit it again for details of mailing it to you.)