Saturday, June 25

From Molly Linden

Hi, everybody--it's Liz here today. I had to give the idea of six sentences some thought. I'd never done that before, never tried to put a lot into such a little space. Didn't think I could. Which explains why I so admire songwriters, but that's for another time. I went digging, finding a story I started a long time ago but never finished--sound familiar?--but I still love. From Molly Linden, the end of the third chapter.

It made her want to sit at the upright piano and play.

It made her want to dance.

On her second pass through, she slipped off her mules and felt the warmth of polished wood beneath her feet. She stood in the middle of the room and hugged herself with the pleasure of it.

In a saloon in a small town, with its sign proclaiming it to be “a bit of the Irish in Tennessee,” Molly Linden fell in love. With the town, the saloon, and--maybe just a little--with the tall man in jeans and a polo shirt who stood at the bar and watched her.


  1. it.

    Finish it!

  2. I like this, Liz. Do you plan to finish? How far have you gotten with it?

  3. I stopped in the middle of Chapter Six--always my sticking point, but since the book sold to Carina Press takes place in the same town, I'm giving it some thought. I'm glad you liked it.

  4. I like your sentences but not sure if I get the game - are they six sentences in a row from our WIP? Or six sentences similar? Or six sentences anywhere in our WIP's?

  5. Mine are six in a row, Lynn. I'd never seen it done before the girls here on WW did it, but it's kind of fun.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Awesome. Sentence six and I was already sold.

  7. Loved it. Hope you decide to share the rest with your beloved CPs.