Wednesday, June 22

Just a Peek

So this week, our fearless leader, D'Ann, told us it was time for a little show-and-tell. Nope, not gonna show you the full chapter, or even a full scene. We have six sentences to hook you into reading a little bit more of our work - or at least wanting to read a little bit more!

And so, here are my six sentences:

The woman in the street wasn't moving. James' mind registered the fact, yet the car kept rolling inevitably forward. He scrubbed his hand over his face as if that might wipe the woman from the road. It didn't and she still wasn't moving. He pushed the brake pedal, but nothing happened. Damn Brett and his classic Rolls Royce to hell and back, and damn James for agreeing to pick the thing up from the mechanic on the way in from LaGuardia.

This is from the wip about five chapters from The End. Feel free to join in and share six sentences from your book in the comments section.


  1. Nice! Have we seen any part of this story? Makes me want to see more.

  2. I don't think you guys have seen this, least not yet! :)

  3. Love this, K. Can't wait to see some more of it!