Tuesday, June 21

Mississippi Blues bite

This week on Wordwranglers, we're copying some of my blogger friends who do a six-sentence-Sunday, but we're going all week long! Each one of us is putting up six sentences from a piece that the others have not yet seen!

Here is mine. It is from an old manuscript called Mississippi Blues, the story of my heart. I have always envisioned this book cover with a full moon over a swamp. There aren't many swamps in Colorado, and this is the only full moon picture I had, so it's as close as I could get!

Summer leaned across Trey and reached for a pair of scissors, her breast brushing his rock hard shoulder. Her hands seemed to grow ten thumbs and the lid from the disinfectant jar fell to the floor, rolling across the slick linoleum, ricocheting like a firecracker. Viola and Glory both turned their attention her way. Ignoring their curious glances, she dashed after the lid, caught it and returned it to its rightful place.
She needed to get a grip before this got embarrassing.

We would love to invite anyone to put up their own six sentences in any one of our comment sections!


  1. Great use of the senses. You've put us right there.

  2. I know how much you love Mississippi Blues. The story is there - keep writing!!!

    OK, here's my sentences from my debut novel Up a Dry Creek, where evil is afoot.

    The storm turned the dusk sky to night. Claire tripped over the books piled on the floor on her way to the kitchen, but caught her balance before she landed face first on the floor.

    As soon as her foot crossed the kitchen threshold, another bolt of lightning lit up the sky. Claire caught a flash of something in the window over the kitchen sink.

    She stifled a scream and instinctively stepped away from the window. Darkness blocked her vision of whatever, or whoever, had been there.

  3. This is fun. I love reading little shorts and letting my imagination go wild filling in the other parts. Here's my contribution--

    “I think I wore you out.” I leaned in and nibbled his chin, loving the subtle rasping of his spiky stubble against my sensitive lips.

    “You’re the one who slept in,” he said.

    Craving the taste of his smiling lips, I kissed him again. A sigh escaped my mouth somehow, and he pulled me closer.

    His hand cupped my breast through my dress, his thumb teasing the nipple awake, and awakening other parts of me as well.

  4. Hi D'Ann~ Very cool idea about the book cover. I don't know your story line but if I saw the cover, I'd pick the book up and see what it was about. Plus the title is great too!

  5. What an awesome last line!(Loved the pun.)That tied it in perfecto:)

  6. Thanks, Liz!

    I hope you'll do one on Saturday!

  7. Hi, Avery!

    I love this book. Great six!

  8. Oooohhhh, Sophia!

    You hooked me, the whole idea!

  9. Thank you, Sheri.

    I love this book...Summer is cutting Trey's hair...he's her first love, and just home from Afghanistan.

  10. Thanks, Mart!

    I appreciate you stopping by.

  11. Thanks, D'Ann! And I'm with Sheri -- I'd pick up a book with the cover you described. It looks mysterious and sensuous at the same time. So, when do we get to read it?

  12. D'Ann,
    That's always been one of my favorites of yours as well. Good scene. And thanks to all the guest posters, keep'em coming.

  13. Thanks, Brenda!

    Margie, I didn't realize you had read any of Summer. I love this book, but Sophia, all the eds and ags I've ever subbed this one to hate it.

    He's younger, there are two fully entwined love stories...no one wants it....sob.

  14. I loved this piece. Something about her nervousness made her very realistic. I think it's wonderful!

  15. Thank you, Shawn. You're the best.