Friday, June 24

Six Sentences: I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

This week on Word Wranglers, we're posting six sentences that no one has ever seen before. Not even our cp's. The six I chose are from Their Dirty Little Secret. It's my first attempt at an erotic romance. Would you turn the page? I'm also inviting you to show me six of yours. Come on everyone, let's see those six!

She directed her gaze to the kitchen and her mouth dropped open to see Allen standing at the stove shirtless, flipping pancakes like a pro. Bits and pieces from the previous night flashed through her mind like an old fashioned movie. The way she’d pushed him down on the couch, pressed her lips against his, unfastened his belt. Oh this is perfect. Most new divorcees sleep with the divorce lawyer. I get drunk and fuck my ex’s best friend.


  1. Love it, Shawn! I'd definitely keep reading! :)

  2. I'm in. I'd keep reading. Love the twist.

  3. Nice, Shawn. And when can I see the rest???

  4. Thanks girls! D'Ann, actually I wasn't going to sub this to the group. It's a bit explicit. (okay a lot explicit)

  5. I would definitely turn the page!

    Here is six sentences of my contempory romance, MAD ABOUT MADDIE due out July 18

    Maddie reached up to grab a mug out of the cupboard and flinched when Jake cleared his throat. She spun around and dropped the cup she held in her hand. Glass shattered over the wooden floor. She froze, her sights glued to his chest. Even without clothes, he perfected the image of a cowboy all the way down to his towel-covered waist, and the happy trail of hair holding secrets beneath them. Her brain ceased to function.