Thursday, June 16

Twitter Me This

I have a confession to make. I don't get the Twitter phenomenon. I've tried. Really. I even have my mc tweeting within the first couple of pages of my manuscript. Doesn't mean I've gone over to the blue side.

I follow Celebs---Nathan Fillion--and I have to admit I got a special thrill at first when I'd get a tweet from him, as if Castle were tweeting me personally. But, honestly, the thrill is gone.

I follow writing gurus--Authoress and Nathan Bransford; published authors--Rick Riordan, Cassandra Clare; aspiring or soon-to-be published--Roni Loren; agents--Mandy Hubbard, Ginger Clark, and Jen Rofe.

And I still don't get it. Most of the time I feel like everyone is speaking a secret language that I'm not privvy to. It's like a high school flashback. Cliques anyone?

And when the tweets aren't in this secret language, they're kind of boring. Why do people think we need to know every thought that pops into their head? Or every trivial action they partake of? Like all writers, I'm fascinated by what an agent does, what they want to represent, but I don't give a rats ass if they had a Greek salad-hold the feta (except why have a Greek salad without feta cheese??? That's just crazy talk)

The people I really feel sorry for are the ones who choose to follow me. I always want to send them a blanket apology. "Sorry. I just am not that interesting. Maybe someday I'll get it."

So, my question: Do you twitter? Do you get it? And feel free to follow me (wishwryter) and my sincere apologies ahead of time. On the bright side, you won't be onslaughted with useless information about my life.


  1. Hooray!

    Someone else who doesn't get Twitter.

    I just don't see it.

    I absolutely detest those Facebook statuses with the symbols in them. Ugh. I've actually unfriened someone b/c there were so many of them in her updates.

  2. I don't tweet either because I think maybe I'm not smart enough to get it. I like FB, but don't get all of it, either. Like the statuses and symbols--I don't even know what they are! However, I do like seeing relatives I don't see in person.

    Twitter, though, will have to go on w/o me.

  3. I tweet, although I'm with you - if I want to know what someone had for dinner I'll ask otherwise...TMI. The most beneficial thing I've found is a group of other writers that I do writing challenges with - the #1K1Hr hashtag. Very productive...when I remember to log in. :)

  4. Our chapter meeting last night was all about social media. Have to admit, the speaker shamed me into seriously considering joining the twitterverse when I start to hype my next release. I've seen some authors have amazing results from it. Basically, if it helps sell books, it is worth it!

  5. I tweet, but I don't get it either. Reading peices of a conversation irks me. I prefer Facebook.