Friday, June 17

Who Are You?

Today, I decided not to blog about writing. I'm sure we all have another life outside our writer selves. Sometimes I sit and daydream about the craziest things. Things like what the Mona Lisa would look like with a mustache. If the dollar the grocery store cashier gave you passed through the hands of a person that would change your life. Things that most people would find ridiculous.

I'm not an outgoing person. My sister says that to some people I come off as down right anti-social. I once asked some long time friends of mine what they thought of me when they first met me. One said she thought I was stuck up. My mouth dropped open in horror. I never thought I was putting that out there.

Here's a glimpse into the other side of me. The non-writer side.

I like all kinds of music. I don't care what the classifications are. If the words mean something, and the beat moves me, I like it. I love being in a crowd full of diverse people. It's one of the reasons I love Atlanta. If you go to some of the festivals and events during the spring and summer months, you can find some of everything. There are people from all walks of life. Black, white, gay, straight, rich, get the picture.

Of course I like to read. Good stories, unusual, stories. I had a t-shirt once that read "Normal is Boring." That's me, all the way. Sometimes I speak before I think. (Trying to work on that one. It's not always a good thing.)

I can't stand real-life drama. I like my drama in books or movies. Sometimes I can't escape it, but if I can, I avoid it.

I've had a friend that has been there for me, and I have been there for since the sixth grade, and I love her like a sister.

My husband is my soul mate. Sounds corny, but it's true. He and I met in Korea. After we were married, I went to meet his family in Washington D.C. for the fist time. I started looking through his year book pictures from when he was in the third grade and realized we were in the same class.

The most important things in my life? Family, friends, my writing. my job. In that order. What's yours? Who are you?


  1. Love comes first in my life, and there's no order because my love is different for different people but all with the same intensity. Then my writing. It's in my core. And wow...did your husband know you were in the same class when you met him? What a coincidence.

  2. Neither of us knew. I happened to see his yearbook on his bookshelf and said, "Hey, I went to this school too." We started flipping through it, and there we were. In the same class.

  3. Sounds like a "meant to be" thing, doesn't it?

    I enjoyed the post, and getting to know you better.

  4. Shawn, going to the same school and not knowing it...sounds like 'meant to be' to me, too! :)

  5. Nice post, Shawn!

    One of my favorite things to do is to read bios of authors--I'm always interested to know the person behind the stories.

    I tend to speak before I think, too. Big sigh.

    And I love the way you love your husband. True love. Nice.

  6. After my husband and I started dating we realized we'd had two classes together in 9th grade in junior high. Math and typing, but we didn't know who each other was then and we went on to different high schools and only met a few years later.

    And I'd have to say my priorities are the same order as yours--although sometimes writing comes before friends, but just a chapter at a time ;)

    And something you don't know...I lived in Keflavik, Iceland for two and a half years as a Navy child and consider that my second home.

  7. Thanks for stopping by everybody. Margie, Oprah Winfrey had a segment on her show once about life in Iceland. Sounds like a fun place!