Thursday, June 23

World According to Bix

My six sentences are taken from my WIP: Bix, For Short. This scene is from the Challenge--Cypher, Indiana's paintball tournament that's held in the fall. This is Bix's first time participating in the Challenge.

I’m shooting blind, just following instinct, but I don’t stop until the hopper sputters empty.

“Damn it, Bix!” Tack calls out, “I didn’t need a freaking pink shower!”

I got him! Two down.

“You hear me?”

Barely. What with all the popping-in-stereo. “Sorry,” I call out as the fifth siren wails. “There are no friends in paintball.”


  1. Love it!

    Did you ever get with my nephew about paintball?

  2. D'Ann--no, but I plan to when I finally get this done. I'll go to him for some technical advice when I finally get all out of my head :)

    thanks the love, girls.

  3. Nicely done! This is a great story, Margie!

  4. Ouch. I feel the paint ball slooshes (and I've never played paint ball).