Tuesday, July 19

Love That Scene!

What book rocked your world? Changed it forever?

For me, there have been two romances that I have never let go of no matter how many others I've read over the years. They're the kind you remember, the ones you tell your friends to read.

The first one is Janet Daily's This Calder Sky. I started reading Daily's Calder series, and liked them, but it was the third in the series, Chase Calder and Maggie O'Rourke's story, that touched me. Their unlikely love story, one of a rich rancher's son and the poor girl next door, touched a cord in me that I've always wanted to recapture in my own books.

The love scene in that book, on a riverbed, between 21-yr-old Chase and 16-yr-old virgin Maggie is one of the ones I go back to over and over for inspiration for my stories. Not particularly romantic at first, Chase has his way with Maggie out in the open, next to the river. But by the end of the scene you know they are destined.

There are some real harsh scenes in that book. Daily kills a horse, hangs him, and for me that is normally a wall-banger. Also, her father is killed. Ruthlessly.

But I can get past that for the love story between these two characters.

The second book I've read and loved a thousand times is For My Lady's Heart by Laura Kinsale. She is a master of writing broken heroes, and hers in this one is to die for. A vowed celibate, the hero cannot withstand the advances of the lady he agrees to protect and accompany across the country.

When she finally has her way with him, it is fast, furious. Not your typical love scene. She is disappointed by him. Not flying high on cloud nine because she has never been loved like that before.

The love scenes in these two books have something in common--neither are particularly flowery, or even romantic at first glance, but both have that "something" that sets them apart from the rest.

I aspire to write a book like that. One that is tough and tender, too.


  1. Wow..there are a lot of them. Will list some of them.

    Skye O'Malley, by Bertrice Small
    Angel, by Johanna Lindsey
    Shameless, by Lora Leigh
    The Thornbirds, by Colleen Mccullough
    Pleasing Sir, by Delilah Devlin

    God the list goes on and on.

    I have been reading since I was 12. I have always waned to write a romance book. Finally taking that lip.

  2. Some great ones, Nichelle!

    Thanks for coming by.

    You keep going after that dream, you can do it!

  3. I also loved the two romance novels you mentioned. Ebony's list is great too. I still feel Pride and Prejudice is awe-inspiring.
    For current writers I love:
    Jayne Ann Krentz
    Nora Roberts (most of the time)
    Stella Cameron
    Actually, there are so many talented writers of romance, my list would be terribly long if it were complete.

    Jacqueline Seewald
    request at your local library!

  4. The first romance novel I ever read was In the Shadow of the Mountains by F. Rosanne Bittner at 13 years old. I was hooked after that. Especially for anything historical. But I love me some contemporary cowboys!

  5. I also enjoyed Leigh Greenwood. I think I read everything he ever wrote.

  6. Jacqueline~
    Those are two great books, arent' they? I agree, if we listed every writer we love, the list would be as long as my leg! And I'm 5'9"!

  7. You know, Allie, I have never read Roseanne Bittner. Must do that. I love me some cowboys, too!

  8. There are too many on my list :)but I have one that I recently read--and forgive me cuz it is not romance-- is Thirteen Reasons Why. They are making a movie right now on it. It was something else. I'll never forget it.

  9. No rule that says a book has to be a romance, Mart!

    My daughter just read The Help and didn't like it, hopes the movie is better.

  10. I grew up reading Janet Dailey! Love, love, love her books! She was one of the inspirations for me to become a writer. The Calder series-awesome! Today-it was Cherry Adair's Kiss and Tell that got me seriously writing again. Love her books!
    Great post D'Ann-takes me back...

  11. D'Ann,
    Great post. I've never read either of those and I can't share my choices with you until Thursday :)

  12. Not true Ma, I did like The Help but it didn't blow me away. If I had to choose a book that blew me away it would be The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. It is written in the point of view of the women of Camelot which is why I like it so much I think, a new perspective. I also like Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns. Best romance ever though... Mississippi Blues by DLD, gets better everytime I read it, and made me appreciate the genre.

  13. ...adding two more books to my TBR pile now. Thanks, D'Ann - both sound outstanding.

  14. Thanks, Everyone, for coming by!

  15. Wait, I'm here. Sorry I'm so late, but I had to work today and it was grueling, lol.
    Anyway, my all time favorite books are not romances. They are fantasy, even though my favorite genre to read is romance. My favorite novels are the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

  16. One of my all-time fave scenes is from Two Towers, when they're riding/walking across the meadow. It gets me every time. Sigh.

  17. Finally blogger let me on. My two favorites both rocked my world and came from the same author, Kathleen Woodiwiss. The first was Wolf and the Dove, the first modern romance I read as a teenager that got me hooked, and her Everlasting--her last book and the one that made me want to write my own romances. I'm not fond of all her description, but I love her plots and characters.

  18. I need to read her, apparently, Jenna. Thanks for coming by.

  19. Although my first published book is a romance, the books that had the biggest effect on me as a youth were generally science fiction and fantasy. However, the number one biggest influence was without a doubt "The Wizard of Oz". I read Baum's 14 Oz books over and over again, simply starting "Wizard" again as soon as I finished the last one. Baum sparked my love of both reading and writing.

  20. Mark~
    What drew you to romance?
    Congrats on the 1st sale!

  21. Since the plaigerism incident, Janet Daily is officially off my list. Writers can't do that to each other!!!!!

  22. My tastes have certainly changed over the years. I used to LOVE historicals! Gobbled up one novel a week. I seem to be enjoying Tara Janzen these days, although Cherry Adair is still my all time fav. Paranormals, like JR Ward's books, filled with action packed scenes is another delight for me. I think reading a book like the ones I mentioned changed my way of reading and writing. I'd have a hard time going back to Victorian England now.

  23. Oh, memories! I grew up on those Harlequins ,as well, and wonder what happened to those great stories. And there are way too many books I love to list, although, D’Ann since I’m 6’ my list can be a little longer. :)
    My favorite book is…
    Honor’s Splendour by Julie Garwood
    Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux is a close second. (I cry like a baby every time!)

    Great post!

  24. Oh, Laura Kinsale...she's so good.

  25. One of the first romances I ever read was the Duchess of Asherwood but can't remember who wrote it. The story has stayed with me, though, and started me on Regencies while I was in high school.

  26. I've read a lot of books that weren't romantic at first glance, but I loved them anyway.