Wednesday, August 17

A Better Note

Do you ever have a note-to-self that you can't figure out? I have about a million. Some are story related, some are life related and some...I have no idea.

I have notes all over my calendar. Arrows from days pointing to other days with nothing else written down. What was that for? Things like 'good stuff' in the middle of a random Tuesday. Was I excited about the microwaveable Weight Watchers pizza I had for lunch that day? There is the note on 1st January that is just gibberish - "MisHWilSty". Another reads 'Shop Boa Shop'. Was I intending to buy a boa? Constrictor or feathered? I have no clue now and I don't know why the thought struck me on a Monday. On July 7th I wrote '4got Laundry'. I'm not sure why I needed to write down that I forgot the laundry. And where did I forget it? Was it in the washer too long? A reminder to check the dryer? I'm pretty sure I didn't leave the house with it so I'm certain there aren't bras or socks hanging randomly around our town. Or there is this one: Clutter FX Paps. I have no idea what that means. Normally I would look at that note and pass by it in about ten seconds. As I was looking at my calendar today I noticed that it was originally written in blue ink. Then traced over in green, red and orange. So it must have meant something.

The list goes on. My calendar is littered with little notes. I just threw a handful out and I'll probably regret that when I remember what I forgot.

But as I was trying to figure out the latest not I thought why not do something about these random things written on my calendar, post-it-ed to my computer, desk and fridge? A better note taking process. Ideas? Thoughts? Do you ever look at the notes on your calendar, desk, kitchen writing board and wonder what you were thinking?


  1. LOL--got your own shorthand going on! I tend to write down phone numbers, but not whose numbers they are.

  2. I do that, too, far I've never been brave enough to call the strange numbers. Afraid I'll sound like a crazy person!!

  3. I'm a compulsive list maker...and list loser. I don't know what half the lists I have made mean...Hmmmm, I should go search for some of them....

  4. I've never written myself s note and not know why. But I often go to a room of the house and will forget what I went in there for. I also have pictures of people's children on my wallet and have no idea who they are.

  5. LOL--you crack me up. I jot notes everywhere in my WIP and then try to remember to put them on some sort of master revision list.

  6. Shawn, you have pictures of kids you don't recognize? That's worse than my note affliction...says the girl who looks through family photo album asking 'who's that?!?'

    D'Ann, me, too...and I never know half the stuff on the lists. Even grocery lists get me.

    Margie, a master revisions list would be key.