Wednesday, August 3

Getting Lost...

Harper Lee said, "In an abundant society where people have laptops, cellphones, iPods and minds like empty rooms, I still plod along with books."

I have a laptop and a smartphone (one that does everything from talking to hooking me up with Facebook and Twitter) and an iPod and an iPad and an Ereader and...the list goes on. Yeah, I'm a little bit techie, although most times when something goes wrong I call on the husband to fix the problem. And yet, when I want to get lost in something, I always choose books and usually the books I choose are from my keeper they're real, physical books, not e-versions. 
But something about that changed this weekend, actually earlier, but I only realized it this weekend when I was looking for a comfy read. I realized that I've created a kind of keeper shelf within my Kindle; it's Page 4 of my 'active books'. All of them have been read and yet, unlike most other books that I remove from my ereader as soon as I've finished, I keep coming up with reasons to keep them where they are rather than the archives.

So, although the ereader is touted as a way to take books with you and not need extra space, I'm beginning to wonder if someday I'll need extra space on my Kindle. Because those keeper books that won't let me delete/archive will start to weigh it down...eventually. When that happens, I guess I'll call on my uber-techie husband to solve the problem. And he better not tell me to archive!


  1. Kindle keeper shelf, huh? I have one, too, but I hardly archive anything. I want it all available, just like my bowed bookshelves. Good post.

  2. I haven't archived anything from my kindle, but i have deleted one book. I had the same thought as you though. What if I run out of kindle space?

  3. Super post, K!
    My mind is slowly chaning on one of these! I have to admit when my boss is using hers at lunchtime, I wish I ad one. Maybe one of these days I'll get with the program.

  4. I delete a few things, and it isn't like the archive feature doesn't automatically bring them back...but there are a few books that I want to know I can open at a moment's notice.

    D'Ann, I stalled and stalled. Now that I have one, won't let it go. :)

  5. Yeah, I'm thinking I'll end up getting one. Might have to go on my Christmas wish list :)

    Although a part of me is leaning toward the Nook just because I love my B&N--it's like my second home.

  6. Lord, I was tired when I posted...I couldn't spell ud...I mean mud.

    Sheez..slinking off to bed now.