Friday, August 26

It's All About the Why?

Take a long look at both picutres. (It's okay to take a long look. I know I did!) Both men are hot. Sexy bodies, we'll assume they both have sexy faces, and briilant smiles. They have different personalities, but neither of them are cruel. Both are in love with the heroine. (Lucky bitch). She chooses man A over man B. This is where my analytical side kicks in. Why? What did man A do that man B didn't? I get really bummed if the answer is too simple. Let's say the heroine and man A were marooned on a desert island. The answer is too simple in this scenario. She chose man A because she didn't have any other options.

Same goes for a nurse that falls in love with her hot doctor co-worker. She has lots of hot doctors working in the hospital with really good hearts. What made her fall in love with this particular one?

In my story, Dreamers, I have two favorite parts. There's a scene where the hero comes into the kitchen and the heroine has her earphones on and is singing really loudly (and off key) while shaking what her momma gave her. In another scene he finds her sitting in the kitchen drinking a beer, wearing boxers and a tank top. These two scenes are pivitol because he's used to stuck up socialites trying to impress him. The heroine has no problem being herself (as much as she can, since she's undercover) around him. She's not trying to reel him in or coax a marriage proposal out of him. Her personality is part of the "why".

For me, a good romance is all about the why. It doesn't work for me if the hero and heroine are all over each other, declaring their undying love in the second chapter. Okay, so I can handle the climbing all over each other thing, but screaming out, "I love you?" Umm...not so much.

Physical attraction is what makes a man, or woman, take notice. A man with a drool worthy body makes the heroine stand up and want to know more. Fine. I get that. What gets me interested is what makes her fall in love with him. Same for the hero.

I'm not saying the sex isn't important. In one of my favorite novels, the hero and the heroine, had a laughable first night. I was disappointed. I wanted it to be beautiful, steamy, hot. But I still loved the book becuase the "why" was answered. I got to find out why they fell in love with each other and, to me, that's what makes a great story.


  1. Love the pics...and the pecs! And your post today. I agree that it's all about the why.

  2. You had me at Shemar Moore. Just Yummy!!

    I agree, the romance is about the why - not the why did they fall into bed so quickly, but the why are these The Right People for one another...

  3. Great post and something to think about, too. I know I always hate it when the ex-spouse or significant other is completely without any redeeming qualities--if that's the case, why did our H/H love him or her in the first place? Why again, huh?

  4. Yeah, total agreement. I think it's best when the author creates a hero that the reader falls in love with. then there's no question as to why.

    And yeah, totally love the Shemar Moore pic too.

  5. Shemar Moore. "Nuff said. Who cares what he's like in real life??? Kidding, but oh boy, is he yummylicious.

    I agree, Shawn, with everything you said.