Thursday, August 18

Lesson learned

A couple of weeks ago when I was right in the middle of figuring out "The Challenge" scene in my wip, I came across the quote from George R.R. Martin in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"I do sometimes think I've thrown too many balls in the air. Why did I have to make it the Seven Kingdoms? Wouldn't Five Kingdoms have been sufficiently complicated?"

And I realized that's what I'd done. Sometimes when we're starting out, we want to WOW our audience. Maybe bigger isn't always better. After two weeks of focusing on said Challenge scenes, I think maybe I shouldn't have built it up so much before I knew what I was going to write. Too much pressure to fulfill that damn promise.

Oh well, it's done now and we'll see if it lives up to expectations, but I think I learned a lesson. Think before you write.


  1. Great advice, and some I need to remember!

  2. This is something I do, too, Margie. I build stuff up in my head and then, when I'm actually doing the writing, I think - what a fool I've been. Hope you get Bix's challenge sufficiently beaten into submission.

  3. Going through that same thing right now. But I'm confident it will work out.

  4. That is great advice. I know I've built up to my black moment before only to have it emerge as barely gray. It's a great lesson.

  5. I just love the quote. It was kind of gratifying to know an accomplished author like Martin struggles with the same things we do.

    And I got to post a pic of Ned Stark. Win-win