Thursday, September 22

Falling Leaves

Fall is here. Except for the labor intensive raking, I wish my yard looked like this. But cherry and apple trees just drop old yellow leaves--death in the wind.

This years it's my season of change.

My oldest daughter announced that she's finally leaving home. I'm excited for this new chapter in her life, but I'm also sad to see her leave me. Sure, it's only about a seven minute drive, but I'll miss having her around. I am fortunate enough to claim her as one of my favorite people and one of my closest confidantes.

On the plus side, I'm starting to imagine the changes (aka improvements) I can make in the bonus room that has been her bedroom for the past three years. I could have a Margie haven of escape. My puzzles can get off the kitchen table--which dh would love. I can create a reading corner. Oh, the possibilities.

Also, I've decided to begin the second Bix book. Maybe I'm jinxing myself since I have yet to sell or even get representation for the first one, but I SO believe in this character and honestly, he just won't shut up. And I'm more excited about this new story that I can't just let it wait.

For me, fall is a seasoning of letting go, but also a season of beginning a new. If you don't believe me, check out your tv schedule.


  1. Sad for you about your daughter. I love having Brandi at home. I HATE fall. I have SADD and the sun changing about kills me. The depression is about more than I can take some years. I've learned coping methods now, and can get through it, but wow.

    Bix is great, keep him coming.

  2. I know how you feel, Margie. Hubby and I are adjusting to our first year as empty nesters. He rambles around the house complaining that it seems so big without the kids around. I'm not fond of fall either. Our tree lined street isn't as cheerful without their leaves. Good luck on the next Bix book!

  3. I'm glad about Bix and excited about the re-invention of self that comes with a kid leaving home. There are parts of it that will always leave a knot in your throat, but it's great to see them as adults, too!

  4. Aw, good luck to your daughter...and have fun creating a little bit bigger 'nest'. I'm a fall fanatic...fall and spring, just love them.

    PS: So glad you're started Bix part Deux!!!

  5. I love fall. And Spring. Actually I think I love the beginning of every season because I'm usually done with the old season by then. LOL. And yes, we do have more than just a rain season--not much, but a little deviation.

    D'Ann--I still have Jordan at home, and we really don't expect her to ever leave.

    And when I told my best friend today that Kristen was moving out, he offered me two gallons of light green paint to do her room in. LOL. He knows me so well.

  6. I love fall and winter and spring. Yes I love getting snow. But I live in Colorado so after a storm dumps snow, it moves out and the sky is the hardest blue ever. The sun comes out and it is wonderful.

    I can relate to you D'Ann with the depression. I have had it since I was a teenager but I have some good meds. It is hard to fight, I know.

    Have a great day all,