Thursday, September 15

Limbo Land

I am stuck in Limbo Land.

I worked for two years on Bix. And now, I'm kind of adrift not to be constantly thinking about him and wondering how I'm going to cook all the eggs I put into the pot.

Sure, I have another Bix story in my head--a story that picks up the day after the current book ends. And I do have a rough draft of the first chapter. But, all the writerly advice out there tells authors to wait to write a sequel in case you don't sell the first one.

So, where do I focus? Do I ignore the writing sages? Work on an old project--after all, I really hate for my research and world-building that I did for the dystopian to go to waste? Begin something new--What if Rip Van Winkle had descendants who were cursed? Focus on the business end--I emailed 5 queries last night.

Where, oh where to go?

Well, while you discuss it among yourselves, I'm going to pull out my procrastinated list and do some projects I've put off for a while. My husband will be so surprised when he comes home to a sparkling home.


  1. Margie,

    Why not take a "vacation"? Go to movies, read fluffy fiction, window-shop, walk along the river...
    Alternatively, pick what I've heard called a Red Dress project - one that excites you most.

  2. Let your heart guide you. Right now your head is confusing you. Take one day and write what you REALLY want to. Then see what tomorrow offers. But hey, I just got out of Limbo Land myself...and it took me a year.

  3. I know how you feel. I'm flitting from story to story and none of them are exciting me. Sst down to write last night and got bored with the story. Sorry I can't help.

  4. I completely plotted my sequel and wrote the 1st chapter (so that if book #1 sells, I know I'm ready to immediately start churning out the word count), and meanwhile, started writing something else. I'm told that is the best strategy.

  5. Geri--going to the $3 theater tonight with the family and planning to get The Night Circus later--it looks like the perfect literary vacation. And right now, my house is getting a massive fall sweep--I'm figuring why it takes me so long to clean, its because I keep seeing things that need to be taken care of--like cleaning out our bedroom closet, it wasn't on my list, but done :)

  6. Em--I'd go crazy if I was stuck in limbo land for a year. I think my husband would too. I get really snappy when I don't get that writing release.

    Maybe when I'm done cleaning, I'll figure out what the heart wants--I know it won't be more cleaning ;)

  7. Bummer, Shawn. Maybe go back to where you weren't bored and take another path. I usually take different colored pens and my graph paper and just free-write ideas. What would happen if so-so did this? And what would happen if that happened? And see what gels in your head.

    That's my idea of plotting ahead. LOL as Christi cringes at her computer :)

  8. I think you should take a little break - not a long one, and defintely not a non-writing one. But take a few days to jot notes, look around, think about things. You'll figure it out...In my oh-so-important opinion :snort: after finishing a project, everyone needs a little break.

    PS: I'd sooooooooo like to read your dystopian....

    PPS: I like Christi's idea - plot out Bix #2 and do a little writing, but don't put all your eggs in one to speak.

  9. Usually Christi and I are opposite sides of the fence about everything, but today I think she's on the right track. I'd go a little further...3 chaps of Bix ready to go and a rough plot of the next, then write something new and exciting.
    Good luck!

  10. Thanks for all the advice and support, everyone. I took the day off and my house smells like Murphy's oil soap and my fall decor is up. I went to Horrible Bosses and laughed it up. I read the first couple of chapters of The Night Circus and am hopeful that it's going to live up to the hype.

    It was a good day off. From work and from writing. And as I sit down to begin a peanuts pumpkin shaped jigsaw puzzle, my mind is churning with possibilities.

  11. I agree with Christi. I'd never be that smart or together, but I still agree with it!